Five top tips for sprucing up your home

You might have a million reasons for deciding to give your home a bit of sprucing: moving into a new house, being fed up with staring at the same four walls, and preparing to sell, all spring to mind. 

Our homes are our castles, and wanting them to look their best is part of human nature. Sometimes, though, not knowing where to begin can demotivate us. 

We have gathered the top five most painless tips to help you get started. 


It might sound all too obvious, but we tend to acquire an awful lot of ‘stuff.’ Stuff that can sit on shelves, bookcases, window ledges, and mantelpieces. Over time the glory of these treasured possessions can fade. Choosing the right time to siphon off this clutter can make a huge difference in how we see our home’s space. Don’t leave any stone unturned. Bookcases, drawers, and cupboards will all benefit from some streamlining. Ridding your home of unwanted items can instantly impact the way you see that room. It can also instantly affect how you feel about yourself; a tidy house is a tidy mind.

Create a gallery wall

Art is inspiring. Choosing the precise piece or style to uplift your room should be an inspired choice. The right type of feature wall can uplift fading walls and outdated furniture. Gallery walls can be as simple as a random arrangement of frames grouped together carefully to achieve a sophisticated finish. A hanging gallery rail is what you need for those looking to create something more elegant. This effect is created by hanging art from rails installed onto the wall. Once this is in place, you can effortlessly hang photographs, paintings, posters, and pictures without hammering a single nail into your wall space.

Move furniture around

Simply moving the furniture can make a considerable difference when sprucing up any room in the house. Avoid placing all your furniture against the walls, and utilize the middle of the room to create depth. Think about the height of the furniture. Facilitating multi-levels will elongate the space in the room, making it feel taller. 

Refresh your accessories

You might love the color of the walls, the skirting boards might still gleam, but the accessories just don’t cut it anymore. Accessories can date, so refreshing them to a contemporary style or color will change the room’s dynamic straight away. Cushions, vases, and artwork will be enough to update the room if you are sprucing on a budget. Those with a bigger budget can splash out on rugs, throws, or maybe an accent chair. Remember, by adding greenery and bringing the outdoors indoors. You will create a bright and airy look to the room. 

Refreshing your accessories can also mean large upcycling items you already own. The market is full of good-quality furniture paint and beautiful ornate handles that can be swapped out for the tired ones. Simply re-painting a good-quality piece of furniture can save you money, protect the environment and completely change the look of your room. 

Featured Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash