Unique Cushion Arrangements to Give Your Sofa a New Look

Buying a sofa calls for a big-time commitment. It is a purchase that is irreversible. Due to this, you need to select one very carefully. 

A sofa seizes the limelight in your living room. Thus, it needs to be something worth all the attention. Make sure you pick one that is at par with all your needs and wants, and also one that goes with the mood of your room. 

It might so happen that you gradually get bored of your sofa. Now, you cannot just throw it away and get a new one. It is not a wise decision because you will have to spend an unnecessary amount of money. 

A more convenient way of overcoming your boredom would be to change your modern sofa design. And the only way to do that, without causing any damage to your sofa, would be to experiment with the cushion arrangements. 

This article gives an idea about all the cushion arrangements that you can try with your sofa. It will make you feel in control and give a new look to your sofa, as well as your room. 

Paired Cushion Arrangement

Sometimes, simplicity is the key to beauty. It does not need any extravagance. It is the same thing in the case of a sofa. 

As the name suggests, this arrangement consists of two cushions placed side by side on the sofa. There should be considerable space left between them to balance their positions. 

The color can be a basic neutral color, same as that of the sofa cover. It gives a very classy look. But if you want the cushions to stand out, you can experiment with complementary colors and different patterns. 

Eclectic Cushion Arrangement

As the popular saying goes, rules are meant to be broken. So, in this particular arrangement, there are no specifics on how you should arrange your cushions. 

This is where you need to put your instinct to use. You need to think of the fabrics that go well together. Choose the fabric of the covers for the cushions, keeping the sofa fabric in mind. 

For the design of the cushions covers, you can experiment with different patterns and designs to figure out what suits your taste. The arrangement will be great as long as you have a good feeling about it. 

Balanced cushion arrangement

If you can, it would be silly not to take the easy way out. Sometimes, the most obvious and stereotypical thing is the way to go. 

The most basic arrangement for cushions is to place them on a sofa, one on each seat. As boring as it may sound, this classic arrangement can look impressive after you have been habituated to a different style. 

You can experiment with this balanced cushion arrangement as much as you want. Suppose your sofa is of a neutral color, then you can choose patterned designs for your cushions. 

Central cushion arrangement

There is no hard and fast rule that your cushions have to be placed on extreme sides of a sofa. Sometimes they can be crowded in the middle too. 

Central arrangement of cushions
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych : Pexels

This works best with sofas that are not too big. You can choose two-three cushions that need to be clustered in the middle of the sofa, and there should be enough empty space on either side. 

If your sofa does not have sharp edges, then you might also consider getting cushions with blunt edges. This will make the entire look a whole lot better.

Individual cushion arrangements

This is more popular in settings that are mostly formal. It calls for a single cushion that is kept on the sofa on any side. 

The arrangement makes the entire look very formal but quite sophisticated. It definitely puts the entire sofa into focus. You can play with the design and colors. 

Everything that you have learned in this article can also be applied to your outdoor furniture.

Featured Photo by Rachel Claire : Pexels