How to Avoid Being Bitten by A Dog

So, you’re out for a morning jog through the park, and you suddenly see a dog making its way towards you. The owner doesn’t seem to be around, but the dog has definitely taken a particular interest in you…whether you like dogs or not, this is a frightening scenario when you’re faced with a dog you don’t know. Thankfully, most dogs are harmless, but if you come face to face with an aggressive dog, would you know what to do? How do you avoid being bitten by a dog?

Sadly, dog bites and attacks are very real, and they can be incredibly traumatizing. If you have been attacked, a family member, or neighbor you may want to talk to a local dog bite lawyer. So, to protect yourself and your family from rogue dog attacks, check out how you can avoid being bitten by a dog below. 

Always ask permission

Ask permission to pet a dog
Photo by Prashant Gupta on Unsplash

If you’re walking along and a dog approaches you with its owner nearby, or you have curious children who are automatically drawn to all things four-legged and furry, always ask the owners permission first before you touch the dog. 

Never stare

If a dog is already showing signs of aggression or they appear defensive, or they’re gazing at you intently. Avoid holding their gaze and staring at them. This could be seen as a sign of aggression, and it could insight a dog to attack you if they feel threatened enough. By averting your eyes and breaking the gaze between you, it shows that you’re backing down and not willing to fight!

Carry some treats

A favorite of mail carriers for decades, keeping some small dog treats with you can often be enough to deter a curious, potentially aggressive dog. If you’re planning on running, cycling, or walking in an area where dogs are often off the lead, e.g., in the park or through certain neighborhoods, plan ahead and remember to bring a few treats with you

Recognize the signs of aggression

A dog showing the whites of its eyes, standing rigidly, licking its lips, or even yawning frequently are all signs of a potential pending attack. Not all signs of aggression are as obvious as growling, snarling, and raised hackles. This is why it’s important to avoid a dog that looks suspicious or ask the owner permission before you approach. 

Dog collar
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Look out for color warnings

Some dog owners take extra steps to help passers-by understand the temperament of their dog. By using color-coded leads, collars, or harnesses, dog owners can provide warnings to other dog walkers and pedestrians. These colors could mean that they don’t like other dogs. They’re an assistance dog and shouldn’t be disturbed, nervous, or don’t like being approached! Get to know the different color codes, and you’ll be much safer. 

And finally, if the dog does attack you…

If you find yourself being attacked by a dog, try to put something between you and the dog. This could be anything from your bag to your jacket, anything you can find. If the dog is already attacking you, try to stay calm. Curl up as tightly as you can and cover your head, neck, and face with your hands. This will provide you with some protection until help arrives. 

When you are approached by an off-leash dog, follow these guidelines if the dog appears to be aggressive so you can avoid being bitten by a dog.

Featured Image by skeeze from Pixabay