How to Become a Brick Mason

Whether you’re taking a new direction in your career or are just starting to enter the job market for the first time, you’re probably searching for what types of jobs are available. There are plenty to choose from, some you probably never even knew existed!  One job most people don’t think about is a brick mason or bricklayer. Just imagine all of those buildings and sidewalks that are made of brick – someone had to have laid them down. If you’re someone who wants to work in the construction or restoration industry and are good with your hands, you may want to consider becoming a brick mason. 

Job Description

What does a brick mason do exactly? Well, they work with brick structures to either build, repair, or restore them. Anything from sidewalks to homes to chimneys, if it’s made out of bricks, you can beta mason will be called to build or fix it. 

Frequently brick masons work as a team. They are called to a job site, usually a residential home but sometimes a commercial building, to perform their work. This can require hours of driving each day and could even lead to business trips away from home for a few days, depending on the location. 

Educational Requirements

To become a brick mason, you need a high school diploma. Sometimes companies will hire you with just this level of education and train you on the job. However, if you attend a trade or tech school and learn the process of bricklaying in a one- or two-year program, you can get a job faster and could even negotiate your salary better. 

Once you have received a diploma or certified training, you’ll have a three- or four-year apprenticeship with your company, learning the fundamentals and art of the trade. 

Skills Needed to Succeed

Being a brick mason isn’t for everyone. There are certain skills you need to succeed in this position. For one, you must be physically strong and agile. You’ll be lifting heavy bricks and operating heavy machinery during your jobs. You must also be in decent shape as you’ll be moving physically for hours a day. 

One skill that may surprise you is a good concept for math. Bricklaying includes a lot of geometry and measurements to make sure they fit just right; this is important for efficiency and aesthetics. 

You should also have good customer service skills since you’ll be going to customers’ residences. They may ask you questions about the project and process, which you’ll have to answer professionally.

Finding a Job as a Brick Mason

One of the best ways to find a job as a brick mason is through online job boards. You can also visit local property restoration companies that work with bricklaying, such as Brickworks Property Restoration, and inquire about any open positions. 

If you attend a trade school, they may also have leads for hiring in the area for that specific job. 

Featured Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash