How to Celebrate Your Anniversary with Style

Your anniversary is a time to think about your future, your past, and your love. Your future comes into play when you consider how much further your lives can stretch on together, and your history is a source of pride from how far you’ve come. Although some couples benefit from quiet and simple anniversaries, most see these days as moments to celebrate and go all out! Don’t be shy about going big and throwing a party- these are the top ways to celebrate your anniversary with style!

Show How Much You’ve Learned.

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Image by Gabriel Alva from Pixabay

How much have you learned about each other? Does your partner love the idea of skydiving but has never taken the chance to do it? Do you both keep saying how much you want to try kayaking but can’t find the time? Use your anniversary as a chance to mark off things on your couples’ bucket lists! Don’t worry about feeling silly. Try new things, learn together, and grow together.

Celebrate With Those You Love

Throw a party with everyone both of you love! Dress it up with beautiful food and location; you can add a classy feeling with Italian singers or rock out by finding a band that plays music you can jump around to! Think about what makes your partner happiest, what makes you most comfortable, and turn it into a party where everyone you love and cherish can celebrate with you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to show off how far the two of you have come and show how hopeful you are for the future.

Pamper And Show You Cherish Them

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If you two have the money for it, shower each other with gifts! This extravagance doesn’t mean dozens of gold or diamond rings, or new watches, go for presents that will be more meaningful. If your partner complains about cold feet in the morning, get them the most comfortable slippers you can find. If, instead, your partner wishes there was more time in the day to clean- go for a Roomba that you’ll both benefit from. The best idea is to go for one or two large gifts and five smaller and meaningful gifts. This amount may sound like a lot, but an anniversary is a time to go overboard with affection.

Quiet Night Options

Your night doesn’t have to be a massive production of trapeze artists and singers. You can make the most out of a private and small night and still make it classy and fun for both of you. Cook your partner’s favorite food for them, or take a cooking class together that makes something you both love. You can even do this lesson at home since there are thousands of videos on youtube with tutorials on any dish you can think of.

Other options can be a quiet and straightforward spa day. Whether you have it at home, pampering each other, and connecting emotionally and physically- you can also go to a professional spa for treatment. This idea may push some people out of their comfort zones, but there’s nothing wrong with trying new things together.

This year celebrate your anniversary with style!

Featured Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay