How To Clean Stains from Your Dress Mid-Way Through the Prom

Nothing is worse than getting halfway through your prom only to spill, or have something spilled, on your prom dress. It’s the fastest way to ruin the evening unless you know how to deal with the stain. 

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Consider Your Options

Before you panic about a spill or stain, take a moment to consider whether it is worth worrying about. In other words, look at where it is on your dress and how noticeable it is. For example, spilling anything red on a white dress will stand out. But spilling something red on a partially or completely red dress may not even be noticeable. In this scenario, leaving the spill alone is often better, as trying to remove it can make it worse. 

Blot First

If something has been spilled on your dress, you must blot it as quickly as possible. It’s most likely that you’ll have tissues or toilet paper handy. Bunch them up and push them against the spill for a few seconds. Discard the tissue and repeat with fresh. You need to discard it as, if you don’t, it will start to disintegrate and make the issue worse. 

Blotting allows the liquid to be pulled out of the dress. It won’t clear the spill, but it will prevent it from getting worse. 

Try Water

Your next step is to try warm water and, if necessary, some dish soap. You’ll need to head to the toilets, as this approach is most effective when you work from the inside of your dress. Gently blot the stain with warm water and soak it using a clean cloth. You should use toilet paper to blot the area and remove excess water. 

If you’re trying soap and water, doing a little on an invisible corner of the dress is a good idea. This will tell you if it affects the color or finish of your dress before you tackle the stain. 


You’ll be at the prom, so it’s likely that you have limited materials available to tackle a spill/stain. However, most venues will have vinegar in the vicinity. If you find white vinegar, you can dab it on the stain, and it should lift most, if not all, out of your dress. Again, test it on a small area first.

Cover It

If all else fails and you can’t remove the stain, you have two options. The first is to own it. Simply forget it’s there and enjoy your night. The stain can be removed after the prom if you want to save and keep the dress. 

The other option is to cover it with something. The success of this approach will depend on where the stain is

Featured Image by Stacey Kennedy from Pixabay