How To Incorporate a Tank Top to Your Outfit

A common tank top is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have in your wardrobe for any outfit, and that’s why some women have drawers full of them. You can never have too many tank tops.

Perfect for summer, tank tops are still handy for every season because they can be incorporated into your outfits in so many different ways. Of course, it takes some practice, and there are a few rules you should keep in mind, but no matter what type of style you are aiming for, tank tops can be fun to wear and look great, too.

Learn how to incorporate tank tops into your outfits by obeying a few tank top rules, checking out some tank top styles, and finding new ways to wear tank tops with accessories.

Tank Top Rules

Find a Modest Tank Top

We’ve all experienced that awkward tank top that leaves you wishing you had a t-shirt handy to put over it. If you wear a tank top, the number one rule is to make sure that you are comfortable wearing it because that’s the whole point of tank tops in the first place.

Of course, it matters how much skin you show, depending on where you are going. But generally, tank tops are supposed to be minimalistic clothing items, so some skin is natural. Pay attention to the neckline and the armpit areas, however.

Modest tank tops made with high-quality fabrics that aren’t too flimsy or see-through are the best.

Everyone Can Wear Tank Tops

Free yourself up to experiment a little bit, and you can wear a tank top in fun new ways, no matter your body type.

Get the Right Size

You don’t want your tank top inching up your belly, but you also don’t want it to fall below your belt, so make sure it’s the right size. Tank tops shouldn’t be too loose. It’s actually better if they hug your body a little.

We Cannot Stress This Enough

There are plenty of reasons that you need the right bra for a tank top outfit. One of the biggest is the straps! Make sure your bra straps don’t show and opt for padded bras or t-shirt bras.

Any Colors or Patterns

Paired with the right jeans or skirts, you can have a tank top in any color or pattern you choose. You can wear solids, stripes, checks, paisleys, or whatever you like. Anything goes.

Tank Top Styles

For the Office

You can wear a tank top to the office any time of year. It might be too casual or (too much skin) for your office to wear alone, but you can add a blazer over your favorite tank for an easy office ensemble.

Workout Trendy

If tank tops had a home, the athleisure style would be it. You can wear all types of tank tops as part of your exercise outfit. Tank tops are comfortable, let you move your arms easily, and are light and airy enough to keep you cool.

Find a variety of fun tank tops that you can wear as workout gear, and going to the gym will be much more fun.

Is it Chic?

Pairing a tank top with a pair of high-waisted pants or a maxi skirt can be very chic, especially if the pants and skirts are super classy. You can go all out with glamour below the waist and above. Keep it simple with a tank top.

Bohemian Style

Boho casual is set apart from other types of casual styles. It is focused on comfortable, flowing dresses and skirts and incorporates fringes, retro patterns, and peasant blouses. Bohemian clothing is strongly influenced by gypsy and hippie trends, and it is as fun to wear as comfortable.

A simple tank top can set a boho-style skirt up to be the focal point of an ensemble. Finally, you have a winning tank top outfit with the right boho boots and a few choice pieces of trendy jewelry.

Tank top with skirt
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Tank Top Accessories

A tank top can be the blank canvas for showing off various accessories. So grab a tank top and one of these items, and see how easily your wardrobe is transformed.


A tank top makes a great backdrop for your favorite scarf, whether long or short, no matter what style it is. A simple silk scarf can make a tank top look dressy, and even if it is made of cotton, it will still look and feel light and breezy, making it perfect for summer.


If you want a more unconventional look, try pairing an oversized man’s vest with a tank top. It can give your tank top outfit an edgy vibe while keeping you cool and comfortable.


There is a wide variety of tank tops, but ones that fit tightly to your waist are the ones that will work best with a belt. Of course, you can use any belt to make a statement, but a big wide belt with a unique buckle will get you noticed.

Tank Tops for Any Occasion

Tank tops are a fun and versatile clothing item that can be paired and layered with various accessories and many other types of clothing. Just use your imagination and remember the rules, then find your look and go for it!

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