How To Keep Your Car Looking New for Years

Owning your first new vehicle is an exciting life experience. Actually, it is so good that it’s a little like falling in love for the first time.

 In the beginning, it’s all you can think about, and you lavish your new car with all of your attention. But as time passes, you start taking your new car for granted. Normal wear and tear will take its toll, and your investment will deteriorate along with your car’s appearance.

Very few people keep their cars forever. The average length of ownership is about 8-10 years; without the proper care, your vehicle will depreciate. However, keeping your car looking new is a smart way to protect your investment, and here are some tips on how to do that.

Protect the Paint

A ceramic coating is one of the best products on the market to protect your vehicle’s paint job. A ceramic coating is a polymer that chemically bonds with your paint to add an extra layer of protection. As a result, it doesn’t break down as wax coatings do, making your car’s exterior shine like new.

A good coating will make it easier to clean your car and protect it from dings and scratches. It will also help your car’s exterior resist corrosive materials like bugs, tar, and salt. Over time, the elements will destroy your car’s paint job, so it needs protection from UV rays and road contaminants.

 A ceramic coating will also make your car repel water and make it easier to keep clean. A professional application looks so good that it will take years to wear off your vehicle’s appearance.

You can get a professional ceramic coating in Charlotte, NC, from the Sun Stoppers crew. Their professional application comes with an incredible four-year warranty, and it’s easy to get a quote. So you can enjoy the benefits of a quick and effortless transaction, then drive away knowing that your car’s exterior is protected and looks great.

Make a Car Care Kit

Having the right tools makes any job easier to do. If you are going to take excellent care of your new car to keep it looking new, you need the right tools. Considering that the average cost to own a new vehicle is about $800-$1,000 per month, purchasing a few tools to extend the life of your vehicle only makes sense.

A car care kit will be easier because all the tools will be in one spot. At the minimum, you will need:

  • Buckets—two or three buckets at a minimum
  • Towels—microfiber towels that you don’t use for anything but your car
  • Car Shampoo—works better and is less harmful to your car’s paint than dish detergent
  • Brushes and Dusters—for cleaning the interior, works great when used with a can of air
  • Wash mitt—easier to use, and they hold a lot of soap
  • Hose nozzle—made specifically for washing cars
  • Grit guard—used in your soap bucket. It helps protect your car from scratches
  • Wheel brush—the only way to get rid of built-up tar and dirt
  • Tire Shine—makes your tires look great and protects them, too
  • Car wax—adds an extra layer of protection and keeps your car shiny
  • Handheld Vacuum—makes it easy to keep your interior clean

Find a large container to keep these tools in so they are always available when it is time to clean the car.

Washing car
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Lubricate Latches and Hinges

Lubricating your latches will keep them from wearing faster. Broken latches and squeaky hinges are a trademark of an old vehicle, and even though it is something that people forget to do, it is important for the life of your doors, hoods, and trunks. It only takes a few minutes, and you only need to do it a few times a year to keep your car looking new.

You might want to add a spray can of white lithium grease to your car care kit. It’s a great product to use on your hinges and latches. All you need to do is spray it on, move the latch back and forth to work the grease in and then wipe the excess away.

Make sure you do all of the latches and hinges on your vehicle. And also, don’t forget the locks. Because we tend to lock and unlock our vehicles with key fobs these days, the lock mechanisms don’t get a lot of use. Just take a moment to spray a little grease in the lock, work the key in a few times and wipe off the excess.

Schedule Your Car Care Routines

Time has a way of slipping away, and the next thing you know, it has been a few months since you last cleaned your car. Scheduling your car cleaning is a smart way to stay on top and keep it looking new.

You can use many apps to schedule car maintenance, but you can just as easily use a Google calendar to schedule your car maintenance. It’s free, easy to do, and doesn’t require you to download another app. Plus, it lets you decide when and how often to get reminders.

Another great idea is to use a checklist when you clean your car. You can even print one out, laminate it and add it to your car care kit. 

Featured Image by Matan Ray Vizel from Pixabay