How to Reinvent Your Look For 2020

A new decade is upon us, but that doesn’t mean that anything has necessarily changed. If you have been waiting for a sign or signal to alter your life, then it is time to take control of the situation yourself and reinvent your look for 2020.

What’s true is that 2020 isn’t going to be any different from that of any other year before, not unless you decide to make it so. Most people grow tired of their routine, job, and appearance at some point, so it makes sense to switch things up here and there. It feels safe to stick with what you know, but the problem is that your comfort zone doesn’t push you to experience things. 

A new look doesn’t have to be a big project. It is possible to change your look in three simple steps by focusing on the aspects of your appearance that people usually tend to notice most: your hair, eyes, and clothing. 

Experiment with Glasses 

New Look
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

The eyes captivate onlookers, and they’re very important to help you communicate and understand how someone is feeling. You should always strive to look after the health of your eyes and avoid straining them. 

If you use contact lenses and would like to entertain a different look, then consider switching over to eyeglasses. There are lots of great choices on the market, and many of these are practical and stylish. Burberry glasses have a bold interpretation of classic design and are influenced heavily by British fashion history. Take a look around and see what kind of style would suit you most. 

Colored lenses can differ your look ever so slightly, too. If you’re due an appointment at your opticians, then be sure to check out whether you could play around with different lenses and how you get on with them. 

Wear Some Color 

Introduce some color into your closet if you’ve been hesitant to wear more vibrant shades. You needn’t start wearing garish and bold prints, but start by wearing some more colorful socks, scarfs, tights, jumpers, and a more noticeable eyeshadow palette, for example. 

If you’re a well-seasoned fashionista who loves wearing color, then try mixing it up and wearing some darker clothing in black, grey, and dark brown. The point is to present yourself differently, so find some pieces that you love and begin experimenting. 

Change Your Hair

Hair color
Image by Peter Selbach from Pixabay

Opting for a new cut and color can be nerve-wracking. However, it’s important to bear in mind that your hair will grow back if you don’t love your new do. Before altering your hair, be sure to figure out whether the length you’re interested in would suit the shape of your face and how much upkeep will be involved. 

If you’re leaning less toward a cut and color, then try arranging your hair differently. You might have grown bored of its appearance as you continue to wear it, in the same way, every day. So, begin to experiment and watch tutorials online to get a better grasp of how to get the look you’re after. Try experimenting with a wig before you change your hair color or get a haircut to have a better idea of how you will look.

Remember that in order to reinvent your look, you’ll need to implement change, have fun with it, and want to tweak how you present yourself. 

Featured Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay