International Vacation Destinations

There are so many amazing international vacation destinations that you and your family can plan. Like any family, it is going to take a great deal of time to get prepared, especially if you have children that are toddler’s. Is going to be difficult, but it is not impossible if you get everything together and plan for that long trip with the kids.

Paris is one of the most popular vacation destinations. This city is called City of Light, because it has so many amazing attractions. There are the Eiffel Tower, the Lourve, and the Le Marais just to name a few of the spectacular places to check out. Families enjoy all of the different restaurants to check out, but also the shopping is amazing and it is great to people watch.

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Another amazing destination is in New Zealand. The South Island area is amazing with breathtaking landscapes and also all of the amazing park lands to enjoy. If you are into glaciers, then you will immediately want to check out all of the scenery.

New York City and Hawaii are also amazing destinations if you think a trip to the United States is in order! Be sure that you take the time to plan ahead by getting your ESTA application in on time.  A trip to the United States can be the ultimate trip. If you are thinking about a trip to New York City, then you will need to be prepared for lots to do and plenty of people. This trip is great if a group of ladies would like to get away and explore a new city or it is also fine if you plan on traveling with your family. New York City has more than enough to do for all ages and when it comes to the cuisine – you can literally expect to see almost anything in New York City. You also can use public transportation to explore other parts of the city, but if you are unfamiliar with traveling internationally – you may want to take the time to find a travel guide or a tour group that can help you and family navigate the city.  A Hawaiian vacation can also be an amazing way to spend time in the United States. Hawaii is rich with culture and of course don’t forget all of the amazing beaches. This is the perfect place to not only enjoy a vacation, but really enjoy a relaxing time. If you do not want to be around huge groups of people, there are more than enough beaches and different parts of Hawaii that are more of a relaxed area. Again, you can do plenty of research prior to booking anything and find out what all of the other travelers have thought about the different parts of Hawaii.

Tahiti is another amazing destination that is the largest island in the French Polynesia. If you and your family are fantasizing about a vacation that is solely based on relaxation – this is going to be the place to go. The resorts are above and beyond luxurious. The beaches are clean and perfect for families to enjoy afternoons building memories. You also have the option to go on a cruise or check out all of the different snorkeling and surfing areas. This is also a vacation that would be great for a group of ladies to have some fun, but the option to have many different activities is definitely going to be in Tahiti.

London is at the top of travelers ultimate destinations to visit. London is full of interesting neighborhoods that have lots of history and even amazing landmarks to check out. You can literally spend all day browsing the streets of London and you will never be bored. There is Buckingham palace or you can check out the British Museum, but don’t forget to enjoy afternoon tea. Generally, most travelers want to visit London in the warmer months, but you also need to be where that this is peak travel season, so London is going to be full of travelers from all over the world. It can get expensive, so when you are thinking about traveling to London – take some time to see if you might be able to schedule a different time.

Bora-Bora may seem like it is a small island, but this location has some of the most breathtaking views you will ever see. It is well known for its tropical beauty and it also has many resorts that are beyond the perfect 10 review. The jungle is amazing if you feel like an adventure, but if you simply want to lay on the beach and relax – Matira Beach is the perfect spot. Enjoy some cocktails that have umbrellas while eating fresh cuisine. This location doesn’t get any better and it is perfect for moms that want to relax and let the kids play or it is the prime location to get a relaxing massage and have a few cold beers.

Cover Image credits: Photo by Muhammad Rahmat Yulianto from Pexels

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