Lights and Signs in New York Make the City a Pleasure for Walking Around

New York – the city that never sleeps and makes so many folks all over the world dream. In fact, anywhere in the world, the image of New York is one that is dotted by bright signs. This imagination is fueled by popular culture – whether it was Seinfeld in the 1980s or Friends in the 1990s to the more recent ‘How I Met Your Mother’, sitcoms and shows have enthralled audiences all over the world not just with their characters but by the very character of the city as well. We grow up feeling a sense of familiarity with the city and its coffee shops and its bars even if we have never been. This gets deepened by the pervasiveness of the city and its lights in popular songs – “…the neon lights are bright on Broadway” in ‘On Broadway’ by ‘The Drifters’ is a case in point.

Bright Lights and Signs Greet Any Visitor Coming into New York

New York street
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Have you ever wondered why this city never sleeps? It’s coz its brightly lit up all the time! But what are these bright lights all about? A lot of them are neon lights. According to specialists at the New York Sign Group, most signs in NYC are Neon, which means vacuumed sealed neon gas inside a glass tubing. Using neon is one of the most effective and eye-catching ways of creating vivid colored light. But neon signs are not the only thing adding color and life to New York sidewalks.

New York is all about being bold and beautiful. Buildings and stores beseech you to stop and stare with unique commercial & residential awnings. In fact, sign company experts in NYC have been quite experimental with their choice of material, fabric, fonts and designs to catch one’s eye. From retro blade signs to hand-painted vinyl decals, custom signs are all over New York.

Whether you enter the city from the bridge or by air or by sea, by day or by night, it is the brightly lit skyline and signs that welcome a visitor.

As a Visitor Why Should You Walk Around in New York

Walking around is healthy and if you have the time, it is the best way to get to know your surroundings. In fact, night walks are becoming a very popular tourist activity in all the major cities all over the world now.

As one of the biggest cities in the world, New York is the sum of so many sub-cultures. From Brooklyn to Staten Island, each borough has a different look and feel. Thus, while Manhattan is all about skyscrapers, Brooklyn is home to a thriving art scene. And while every New Yorker is running to catch the subway, as a visitor it is lovely to be a part of this busy-ness and yet not be a part of it by choosing to just walk around. Of course, signs are great for directions and as a heads-up, so you don’t tumble down a under-construction tunnel so as a pedestrian you would do well by looking around and not just for the colors and the art. So, give in to that bright red sign that says ‘open’, order a coffee under the shade of a bright yellow umbrella or simply check out all the goodies on display under a bright blue awning, New York is not just the city of bright signs and awnings; it is also the city that knows how to live!

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