5 Tips to Wear a Fusion of Indo-western Dresses

A fusion of indo-western dresses is becoming famous exponentially. A perfect amalgamation of western and Indian styles can make you adorable and chic. Fusion and fashion play a vital role in the introduction of indo-western dresses. These dresses are equally famous in the Asian and western world. There are endless possibilities to experiment with a new look with matching accessories. For formal parties, overseas Indian families can buy Palazzo Suits.

If you want a Bollywood style, you can ruffle a beautiful saree from the ’70s. Moreover, bell-bottoms look good with short kurta. You can also pair a red kurta with rugged denim. Here are some ideas to create the best indo-wester fusion.

1.  Party Dresses

Team up the latest trends with traditional apparel to create the best indo-western party dresses. A pair of dhoti pants may look elegant with a spaghetti top and ethnic jacket. If you need romantic styles and soft flares, pair a skirt with block prints and a tank top. Complete this look with a peculiar waist belt.

2.  Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail Dresses
Image credits: Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Do you want something different from shimmery and LBD cocktail dresses? You can plan an elegant and chic indo fusion outfit. Feel free to choose a gown made of kalamkari, batik or silk. Wear statement jewelry pieces to complement your bohemian look. Designer indo-western dresses are available with a fusion of embroideries and Indian textiles. These dresses are complemented with stylish cocktail apparel. Traditional neckpieces can glam up the style quotient of indo-western fusion.

3.  Indo-Western Wedding Dresses

Indian weddings contain a series of night and day functions. You can get the best fusion dresses for an Indian wedding. It is time to ditch traditional ghagra cholis and give it a modern touch. A crisp white shirt and colorful ghagra can be a good example. Feel free to wear an angarkha dress with a unique batik print. Chikankaari is a traditional style to flaunt an angarkha. You can wear these dresses in mehndi functions.

If you are an unconventional bride, you can wear a fusion of asymmetric top and lehenga. A traditional lehenga can help you to look stylish at a beach wedding. Beautiful gowns are available with sassy silhouettes and traditional embroidery. Wear it to spruce up your style. Try to wear an Indian saree with a western gown for a wedding reception.

4.  Western Formal Look

With indo-western outfits, you can ace your art of styling. Wear a formal dress with a western makeover to glam up your look. You can also try a combination of culottes and hand kurta at some formal parties. Fashion executives prefer Khaadi (handloom textiles) to design maxi dresses.

5.  Trendy Skirt Dresses

A busy professional may need a balance between comfort quotient and fashion. Indo-western dresses can’t disappoint you because these have both factors. In hot days, you can create a fusion of a colorful printed skirt and a tank top. You can layer these dresses with a Kashmiri printed jacket or a kacchi-embroidered jacket for winter. Feel free to add patterned scarves or shawls to increase your elegance.

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