Long Term Health Effects Of Using An Old Mattress

You may be surprised to know that the bed, or especially the mattress, that you sleep on may cause several health issues. It is for this reason that most of the reliable and reputed manufacturers of mattresses suggest that you change your mattress after every seven or eight years.

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The long term health issues

Few of these can be long term and become chronic as well. Some of the long term health issues due to the negative side effects of sleeping on an old mattress are as follows:

  • Anxiety: This is a serious issue that you will develop over time if you continue to sleep on an old mattress and when it becomes a long term issue it may also lead to depression and stress. It will result in disrupted sleep and you will keep changing your sleeping positions all through the night to find the comfort that you need to sleep well. The common side effect of improper sleep is anxiety that will frustrate you and have serious effects on your daily life as well.
  • Sleep apnea: This is another common issue that you may develop if you continue to sleep on an old mattress. It will cause you to snore at night and the situation will worsen over time affecting your sleep as well as that of your partner’s. Snoring is the result of the misalignment of your spine and neck that is cause an obstruction in the airflow when you sleep on a flat pillow and on an old mattress that provides reduced support to your body.
  • Sleep Deprivation: This is another severe long term health effect of sleeping on an old mattress. You will be deprived of the required amount of sleep and rest for your body to relax your muscles and recharge them with new energy for the following day. The old mattress will cause you to toss and turn on your bed all through the night looking for the comfort.
  • Obesity: This is a very serious health issue. If you are deprived from the required eight hours of sound sleep at night you may also become obese that will open the gates to a host of other related health problems.
  • Weak immune system: Another significant long term health issue that people face when they sleep on a bad and old mattress for a long time. This is related to the sleep deprivation factor. If you have a weak immune system you will become more vulnerable to a host of disease right from cough, cold and flu to more serious ailments.

If you do not get adequate sleep you will face a lot of issues with your health and drowsiness in the morning is not the only one. You should therefore never compromise with your sleep as well as your sleeping conditions in which your mattress plays the most significant role, next to your bed and preceding to your pillows and room conditions. If you read full review then you will buy the best mattress that will not affect your sleep.

Microbes and Mold

An old sleeping cushion not just makes an ideal domain for creepy crawlies to breed, however microscopic organisms too. Scope of pathogenic microbes and parasites have regularly discovered set up camp in an old sleeping cushion. For instance, enterococcus, staphylococcus, nor virus and even MRSA, Which prompt skin diseases, urinary tract contaminations and genuine infections?

Shape is additionally a threat with regards to old sleeping pads, particularly if your room isn’t all around ventilated and powerless to sodden. While most normal shape spores are generally innocuous, they can trigger hypersensitive responses. These incorporate hacking, bothersome eyes and dermatitis.

Poor Sleep

There are large number reasons you may not be getting a decent night’s rest. What you eat, the amount you drink and what you do before bed would all be able to detrimentally affect how well you rest. Caffeine is an undeniable factor, yet even water can cause issues, making a potential circumstance in which you have to get up amidst the night to purge your bladder.

Indeed, even the manner in which your room is set up can because you issues with rest. There are a few things you just shouldn’t have in there if rest is your objective. TVs and cell phones can invigorate your psyche to be progressively conscious, in this way making it increasingly hard to nod off.

At that point, there’s your bed, bedding, and pads.

Hypersensitivities activated by residue vermin

Residue parasites are basic hypersensitivity triggers and can be found even in the cleanest homes. Sleeping cushions are famous residue gatherers. Sadly customary vacuum cleaners are not ready to dispose of residue vermin alongside noticeable residue. Residue bugs live in warm and moist situations like sheet material and sleeping pads.

As indicated by the Allergy Society of South Africa, there are around 10 000 residue parasites in the normal bed. Side effects of residue vermin sensitivities may incorporate red, bothersome eyes, a tenacious hack, nasal trickle, irritated skin, wheezing and nasal clog.


Individuals that don’t get enough rest, or regularly wake up amid the night, have a higher danger of getting to be fat than their friends. This is on the grounds that the sluggishness and absence of vitality brought about by lack of sleep can frequently prompt gorging.

On the off chance that you feel hungrier amid the day however haven’t expanded your movement level, a low quality sleeping cushion could be to be faulted. You ought to have the capacity to nod off in 30 minutes or less – if not, think about supplanting your sleeping cushion or changing your way of life.

Hypersensitivities with Dust Mites

In the old sleeping pad, dust bugs can trigger sensitivities. These are basic even in a perfect house. Sleeping cushions are their essential target, and you can’t evacuate them even with a vacuum cleaner. Residue vermin like a sticky and warm condition, for example, sleeping pads and bedding.

A normal bed can have in excess of 10,000 residue bugs. Manifestations of these sensitivities may incorporate nasal clog, wheezing, irritated skin, nasal trickle, and determined hack, bothersome and red eyes. You can kill these hypersensitivities by obtaining another sleeping pad and normally washing your bedding. Clean sheet material turns into a sound wall between your body and sleeping pad.

Joint Soreness

Joint Soreness

Resting on an unnecessarily solid sleeping cushion can be the reason of sore joints. A solid sleeping cushion can be a decent decision for your stance and back than a hanging bedding. This sleeping cushion can put weight on your arms, shoulders, and tailbone while you turn and hurl in the night.

In the event that you are battling on a bedding to locate an agreeable position, it implies you need to change your sleeping pad. It can expand your medical issues.

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