A Step-By-Step Guide to Hosting Night Golf at Home

If you’ve got a birthday party coming up or just want to throw an awesome hangout session for you and your friends, go for a night golf party. It’s easy, fun, and unique – plus, you can do it from your home! This means you won’t have to worry about renting a space or working with someone else to create your perfect night. Hosting night golf at your home is simple and fun. Here’s how to get it done.

Get the gear.

golf gear

Buying everything you need for your night golf party might be overwhelming, but remember that you can reuse everything and continuing throwing incredible parties for you and your friends for years to come! This makes the night golf equipment a great investment. First, find light up golf balls. These will, of course, be easier for your guests to hit and to find after they’ve hit them. They’re also just super fun.

Second, grab marker lights, light-up flags, and light-up yardage markers. These items will make your guests feel like they’re actually on a golf course, but because you’re in your own backyard, you can set up the course however you want. If your backyard is long but not wide, set up yardage markers along the sides and create a long fairway. Your space might accommodate multiple holes, so you could create a fun course for your guests. Decide what will work best for your space and make sure you have it lit appropriately.

Embrace the theme.

Your friends and family are coming for a night of night golf. They might not know what it is now, but they won’t stop talking about it after the party is over. Go all out with the golf theme and your friends will have a blast. If your friends think just hitting balls won’t be fun, tell them to play a round of miss and suffer – when they miss the shot, they’ll have to suffer the hilarious consequences as determined by the rest of the party.

Make sure you’ve got plenty of fun golf decorations. If your party is for kids, think big signs and colors with golf balls and clubs. If you’re throwing a classier night golf event, turn your home and backyard into a country club. Give your male guests suit jackets and give your house a fancy name. Refer to your friends and family as club members and ask them how you can assist them. Your party goers will admire your commitment.

Go even further by serving your guests’ golf-themed food and drinks. Friends can chow down on “bogie” sandwiches or “mulligan” meatballs. If you’re throwing a party during the summer, iced “tee” is the perfect beverage to keep your guests refreshed.

Invite your friends.

When you’ve got the gear, the decorations, and the snacks, you’re ready to throw your party! Invite your friends and make sure they know that it’s a nighttime event – this will probably affect the way they dress and what they bring. Send out invitations (either print or digital ones) that fit your theme and prepare your guests for what they will experience.

Depending on the size of your backyard, you could end up inviting dozens of people, which is another benefit of the at-home party. You are fully in charge! But make sure your guests are prepared and know the safety rules of your space. Otherwise, you could end with a situation on your hands and your next move may be contacting a personal injury lawyer in Bethlehem, PA.


You’ve done the work, so now you can relax and enjoy your awesome event of night golf. It’s the perfect event because it lets you and your guests have a great time outdoors and engage in a fun activity together. Your friends won’t stop talking about your night golf party.

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