Naming Your Baby

No matter what part of the world you live in, most parents spend a good deal of time choosing a name for their child. While some parents want to choose the trendiest name, other parents choose unique names or prefer to choose names of ancestors. (mother, father, grandparents, great parents, etc.) For example, the royal family choose their male infant’s name from a rather short list of past kings (ancestors). 

When it comes to naming their children, in the United States, pretty much anything goes. Some parents choose their baby’s name from various places, including family members, current trending names, names they have heard that they like. Some parents even name their infants after a favorite character in a book, television show, or movie. Of course, there are creative names where parents decide to choose a designer name from their imagination. 

In India, most baby names are chosen based on convention. However, there are several different conventions regarding the naming of an infant in India, and those conventions can vary a great deal from region to region and even based on different religions. 

To those in the Western world, understanding where Indian names come from can be extremely confusing. Some children have a first, middle, and surname. Others have long names with a list of initials that may indicate where the child was born, father’s name, and other information. To further complicate matters in many cases, a child’s birth name is often different than their official name. 

Parents in India, like parents all over the world, put a great deal of thought into their baby’s names. However, unlike most countries around the world, children in India know the meaning of their name. Parents take time and care to choose a name that has a pleasant sound but also has a lot of meaning. 

Many people in India choose their baby’s name based on the meaning of the name. They choose names whose meaning is an attribute that they want their child to have. For example, parents may choose a boy’s name that means, noble, strong, honest, or faithful. Girls’ names are often based on something that signifies beauty, loyalty, or goddesses.

The number of possible baby names is so extensive that choosing the right name for your child can seem somewhat confusing or overwhelming to most expectant parents. Start looking at names early. Make a shortlist of names and their meanings that you find appealing. It will make it much easier to narrow down the name that both you and your spouse like. 

Keep in mind that your child will have to live with the name he is given for a very long time. You may want to avoid selecting a name that is too trendy or obsolete. Select a name that he or she will be comfortable with their entire life.