Smart Tech Tools That Can Add a Touch of Warmth While Helping You to Maintain a Hygienic Home This Winter

It’s no surprise that innovative and smart tech bathroom appliances continue to invade the marketplace. Many consumers have a heightened concern for killing germs and bacteria, especially in rooms with running water like their kitchen and bathroom. To meet this demand, some homeowners are even starting to create bathrooms with wellness elements in mind, incorporating solutions that deliver health benefits in the restroom and containing materials and colors that provide a more joyful and relaxing space for daily use.

Furthermore, the pandemic has limited travel options in the last 18 months. Traditionally, travel has been one of the top ways for women to relax. However, many women turn to strategies to help them relax at home without the opportunity to travel. And while yoga and meditation are great options, the absolute top ways women relax at home often occur in the bathroom.

Home renovations

This factor contributes to the recent increase in bathroom-based home renovations. There is simply nothing better than soaking in a warm bath to help ladies unwind and relax after a hectic and stressful day. And it can often be combined with other de-stressing activities, like listening to soothing music, adding aromatherapy, and having a glass of wine. It becomes a place to clear the mind and let the stress melt away, which has many positive benefits for the mind and emotions.

On top of the mental benefits, a long soak in the tub has physical benefits. An hourlong soak can burn as many calories as a 30-minute walk because the warm water makes one’s heart beat faster. It also improves blood sugar control, lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart attack, and protects the body from illness and infection. Baths also soothe achy muscles and joints and help heal wounds faster, enhancing overall well-being. So even if you aren’t trying to spend a ton of time relaxing in the bathroom, you should be! Creating a sanctuary in the bathroom can become a place of escape and relaxation for everyone, no matter whether she is a working woman or a busy mom (or both!).

Smart tech bathroom appliances

Interestingly, smart tech bathroom appliances can be installed by DIYers and homeowners looking to keep their homes hygienic and healthy, especially during the colder winter months. Furthermore, there are many benefits to maintaining a sanitary home, especially in humid areas like the bathroom, including: 

  • Reducing Germs: Germs and microbes can cause health concerns. They can wreak havoc on your body when you have repeated health challenges. 
  • Reducing water where “nasty stuff” grows: For example, wet bathroom towels can harbor bacteria since these organisms like to live in humid environments.   
  • Improving air quality: A clean home smells great and can purify the air based on the type of tools you use. 

Thousands of bacteria live on bathroom surfaces, and used bath towels provide an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Heated towel racks work by drying out towels and adding a touch of warmth to provide a more hygienic bathroom experience. 

Offering smart tech bathroom tools and appliances lets you save your clients time, stress, and energy while still helping them to achieve a more hygienic home. And, since many smart tech tools allow homeowners to quickly ‘set it and forget it, they reap the benefits of a cleaner home with less effort.  

Automated tech solutions

So with this in mind, consider these three different types of automated tech solutions for your next design, as these ideas can easily allow you to incorporate wellness into your clients’ spaces: 

  • Heated Towel Racks:  Towels need to be sanitized to remove germs, microbes, and bacteria.  Heated towel racks maintain a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, thereby reducing the bacterial load of towels substantially even after 24 hours. The microbial load on damp towels can be significantly reduced when heated towel racks are used regularly. The surface area can be reduced up to 1000 colony forming units per gram. Also, the impact can be effective up to 90% after two weeks. Heated towel racks are a great way to combat germs in our homes. 
heated towel rack
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Consumers need to understand that most heated towel rack technologies will simply add just the right touch of warmth, but the heat does not go as extreme as, say, the heat found in a laundry room dryer. But even this touch of warmth can give you a sense of comfort, and it will still correctly dry out your towels to keep them healthy and hygienic.

  • Automated Soap and Sanitizer Tools: Reduce the spread of germs in the bathroom by reducing the number of touchpoints. Automatic soap dispensers and hand sanitizers are not only for commercial restrooms. Instead, they can provide stylish and elegant additions to home bathrooms. Automated soap dispensers and hand sanitizers reduce the risk of transmitting viruses and bacteria.
  • Air Purifiers:  Air quality in your home is a critical concern trending in the marketplace. You can improve the air quality in your home by using air purifiers. Putting these easy solutions is another effective way to enhance wellness and cleanliness in your home.

The bottom line

Nearly everyone understands the benefits of keeping a clean and sanitized home. With winter approaching, sanitation is crucial for maintaining a healthy home. Innovative tech tools, like those mentioned above, are just a few ways to keep your homes safe, as well as everyone continues to prepare for the temperatures to drop in the months ahead. 

Andrew Taylor, CEO of  Bathroom Butler, leading bathroom tech innovations, Heated towel rack, bathroom accessories company serving the U.S., South Africa, Mauritius, and Australia.

Featured Photo by Monstera from Pexels