Streetwear Fashion: Its Origins and How to Style It

Streetwear, a novelty that was only reserved for the skater kids and countercultures, has made its way into luxury fashion. Paris runways that once only portrayed high-end fashion now are a host to hip-hop-inspired, contemporary designs. This revolution in the fashion industry means you can prioritize comfort without having to compromise on style. 

Streetwear is considered to be a distinctive style of street fashion. It encompasses many elements, but general style falls under the umbrella of hip-hop fashion, Japanese street fashion, and even modern haute couture fashion. The followers of streetwear are usually referred to as “hypebeasts,” and many of them go to great lengths to procure limited-edition items to add to their collections. 

Where It Began 

The history of streetwear dates back to the 1980s in southern California, where the first streetwear bands emerged. The trend was allegedly initiated by surfers that sold screen-printed tees to promote their hand-crafted surfboards. In the 1990s, the trend gained traction and blew up as many boutique shops in New York, inspired by the street style of skateboarders and surfers in Los Angeles, started creating their own designs and selling them. 

Then, in the 2000s, sneaker culture saw a huge rise as people tried to get their hands on as many expensive, branded sneakers as they could. This culture greatly influenced streetwear fashion as more people tried to style outfits to flaunt their new kicks. 

In the 2010s, however, streetwear fashion evolved to become luxury streetwear as “social influencers,” and young people made it an important part of pop culture. And so, many mainstream sportswear and luxury brands got in on the action.

Streetwear is trendy right now. Some would even argue that it’s as big as it’s ever been. A huge part of streetwear fashion is obtaining limited-edition items. Since these can be very expensive and not feasible for everyone, here are some other ways you can incorporate streetwear fashion into your looks: 

Invest In Sneakers

White sneakers
Image by Monfocus on Pixabay

In streetwear fashion, sneakers are perhaps the most important item. To adhere to the hypebeasts lookbook, you’ll need some sick sneakers to go with your outfit and make a big style impact, like Air Jordan 1 sneakers and matching Jordan 1 outfits.

Since sneakers can be very costly, you can always check out thrifting stores or buy them at discounted prices. For example, you can use StockX discounts to get your hands on the best brands at affordable prices. 

Go A Size Larger

One of streetwear fashion’s biggest wins was perhaps the inclusion of sweatshirts into the world of high fashion. Streetwear fanatics often prefer oversized sweatshirts, baggy pants, and other loose-fit clothing items, which essentially break the rules of proportion to fashionable effect. 

Be Yourself

The originality of street fashion lies in the counterculture. Even though sometimes it may seem like many rules govern it, true streetwear is diverse and all about being yourself. Hence, don’t be afraid to try out new combinations that you think work together.

Featured Image by Candid_Shots from Pixabay