Survival Tips in Wildlife – Keeping the Scorching Sun Away!

When you are in the jungle, you will be in the middle of nature and at the mercy of the weather elements. The temperature in the jungle fluctuates a lot, and if you are not careful, you can suffer from heat and sunstroke. It is here that you must learn how to protect yourself from the scorching sun if you wish to stay safe and survive in the jungle.

Protecting yourself from the sun in the jungle

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The sun’s ray is harsh, and they contain UV radiation that is harmful to you and your skin. If you are not careful when you are in the jungle, you will easily fall prey to sunstroke. This is where you need to wear adequate clothing that reflects the sunlight. Always wear light-colored clothes when you are in the jungle and make sure they are made of cotton to help the excessive sweat to dry up easily. You can conduct a test to check whether the clothes you will wear to the jungle is safe or not. You need to take the cloth and place it between a source of light and your hand. If you can see your hand through the cloth, this means it will not protect you from the sun.

Sunscreen helps

Yes, even when you are in the jungle, you must make sure you carry sunscreen in your bag. The sunscreen you carry must have a sun protection factor of at least 30. This will block the rays of the sun and will not cause damage to your exposed skin. To protect your skin against UVA and UVB sun rays, ensure you reapply the sunscreen at regular intervals.

Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking water helps you to cool down the body temperature in the jungle. In case, you run out of water check for a clean water source. You often find wild horses coming to the water source to drink. Unlike their horse racing counterparts you watch on TVG, these horses and other animals drink from the same water source. This might be a fresh lake or stream. Collect water in bottles and drink plenty to keep yourself cool and hydrated in the jungle.


Hats will act as a cover up for your head and prevent you from suffering from heat stroke when you are in the jungle. When you are in the jungle, make sure you choose a hat that has a wide sized brim. This will help you protect the eyes, neck, nose and whole face.

When you are in the jungle, and the sun is very hot, wear shades to protect your eyes. The glasses you wear should block at least 99 percent of the light from your eyes. They should be good enough to absorb the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun to protect you. Make sure you always stay in the shade whenever possible. This will limit your exposure to the sun. If possible try to avoid the sun in the afternoon. Start early in the morning when you are in the jungle.

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