The ultimate style guide for glasses wearers

Whether you wear your glasses all of the time or just for certain tasks such as reading and driving, there are lots of different ways to incorporate them into your overall style and look.

It doesn’t matter if you’re more adventurous in the eyewear department, or if you’re a little more reserved, we’ve collated some of the very best glasses styling tips from the eyewear experts over at Arlo Wolf, to bring you the ultimate style guide for glasses wearers.   

How to choose glasses frames that suit your face shape

As much as a bold lipstick or a new hairstyle can change your look, the same can be said for the glasses you wear.

Unlike a lipstick, the shape of your face will determine the type and style of glasses that will suit you, so when the time comes to pick some new frames, do some research into your own unique face shape.

Whether you’re a rectangle, a heart or even a square, the Arlo Wolf website contains lots of information about individual face shapes and even suggests the shape and style of frames that suit best. Find the best frames for your face shape, here.

Earrings and Eyewear – can they ever be friends?

Earrings and Eyewear

An old wives tale suggests that those who wear glasses should not wear earrings at the same time, but we say ‘why not?!’ However, there are a couple of small points to consider when selecting your earrings as a glasses wearer.  

  • Avoid anything long or dangly – this will only compete with your frames. The same can be said for statement earrings
  • Select dainty studs or ear hugging hoops as a complementary accent to your frames

Coordination is key when it comes to accessorising your frames

Whilst pattern clashing is all over the catwalk this season, the same cannot be said when accessorising your glasses.

  • If you have tortoise frames, then stick to gold hued jewellery
  • If your frames are clear or cooler in colour, try matching them with silver toned jewellery
  • For black frames, pretty much anything works, so get creative with your accessories

Keep other accessories classically subtle

If you’re a fan of big floppy-brimmed hats or flamboyant hair accessories, it might be time to tone these down in order to let your specs be the star of the show.

  • Opt for a smaller hat (such as a fedora or beret), which will allow your frames to shine through
  • Keep hair accessories classic, such as a simple hair grip in a material that coordinates with your glasses

Know where to draw the line (with your eyeliner)

Instead of opting for the usual jet black eyeliner, consider a softer colour to really help make your eyes pop behind your glasses. Choose a colour that complements both your frames and your eye colour for a put-together look.

Matching your glasses and your beard

You might think that men have an easy ride on the glasses styling front, but did you ever consider that their facial hair could clash with their glasses? Not only do they need to think about their face shape, they also need to consider their beards, goatees and moustaches when picking their glasses.

Hair styling tips for glasses wearers

Short, curly, long or wavy, there are so many different hair styles that selecting the right one to pair with your glasses can be tricky.

  • For long hair, try adding a subtle wave with a pair of hair curlers and pinning some sections behind your ears, away from your face and glasses for a subtle and elegant style
  • Keep a fringe neat and tidy, to avoid it touching the top of your glasses frames
  • Add plenty of texture to pixie or cropped hairstyles for a funky, face-framing look

Whilst there are no golden rules for glasses wearers, understanding your face shape is important when making styling decisions. Pick a pair of frames that suits your face shape the best and the rest of the accessories are sure to follow.

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