The Best Rated US Hotels for Couples

When was the last time you re-injected your partner with real romantic away from home? Forget Disneyland Paris, Colosseum in Italy, or beaches in Australia. But talk about cozy, classic, and romantic hotels in the US where you can reignite that love afresh enjoying the beautiful view of the country.

Why wait for valentine day to shower each other with unique love mood, instead of booking for a US hotel that gets you into the real romantic 365 days per year. America is an incredibly romantic hub with glamorous hotels, secluded resorts, beautiful food, modern rooms designed for couples and much more. A good example is the Condor Hotel located at Brooklyn designed with a modern touch and attractive perks for a couple looking for a unique getaway.

Let’s kill the suspension, probably waiting for the real place and start packing immediately, hopefully. Without much ado, check the top best hotels shortlisted after a review of millions of hotels. Certainly, you can bet this is a real deal.

Desert Riviera Hotel, California

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Desert Riviera is an Oasis of love with modern décor, creatively designed Jacuzzi by candle-light and amazing view. The hotel is a great place to relax and enjoy your weekend getaway. It maintains the mid-century modern touch and artistic tropical toned rooms you and your fiancé will appreciate as you reawaken the feelings for each other. The hotel has a kitchen with minifridges and microwave, so both of you can prepare a favorite meal as you share your moments. Other things to excite your stay are free Wi-Fi to keep your family and friends updated with rare photos of your location online. Also, the in-room has a spa treatment, continental breakfast, hot tub, plus heated pool to help you heighten the desire for each other.

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California

You need a romantic escape with your partner, this is the place to be and enjoy that special moment away from any distraction. Post Ranch Inn is a special place every couple should visit and the experience is a life souvenir to remember. You will appreciate the view of the ranch, built on a cliff facing the Pacific Ocean, giving you an opportune moment to capture pictures to remember when you go back. The free perks to enjoy here is star-gazing classes, yoga, loaner cars, and full-breakfasts. The Ranch has free Wi-Fi, indoor and outdoor spa pools, swimming pool, cliff-top pools, and a restaurant that gives you a good view of the Ocean.

 Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah

Amangiri is an all-inclusive resort where you get value for your money. Your partner will feel cherished enjoying the beautiful environment that helping you to savor those good moments you share. While here you can get an uninterrupted view of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Furthermore, the amenities will for sure let you extend your stay, things such as sauna, fitness center, yoga pavilion, step-pool, floatation therapy, and guided hikes among others. Amangiri has an unimaginable panoramic view, free Wi-Fi, fireplace to warm your evening together, serene suites, and private pools where you have fun without any interference. So, make some arrangements with your fiancé next summer to share romantic moments differently.

Four Seasons Resort Maui, Wailea (Hawaii)

Taking your better half to an island in a mission to rekindle your relationship romance is a moment both of you can never forget. It is a luxurious place with an impeccable design for lovebirds. Another thing you will enjoy with your partner is the view of the Ocean from your rooms, strategically placed to keep your vacation full of fun. The Four Seasons Resort is a bit pricey compared to other hotels, but the services you get here are worth every penny. You can even request to have a customized romance package with extras such as massage treatment, private snorkeling, and special meals to sizzle the romance more. The amenities you get there is beach access, 3 restaurants, gym open 24-hours, tennis court, spa, cabanas, and 3 pools. You have a lot to enjoy from this place where you are away from the noise of the city.


US hotels no doubt are the best place you and your partner will enjoy the benefits around the beauty found in those areas. You not only enjoy breathtaking views but good food, wine, and a positive mood focused on tuning your love for each other.

Cover Image credits: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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