Finding the Perfect Dress for Your Flower Girl

There are many weddings that take place during the Spring and Fall months of the year. Simply because the weather is bright, sunny, but not too hot outside to hold the event that you will remember for a lifetime.  Many people spend the majority of the rest of the months out of the year getting prepared for that special day. Preparing a wedding isn’t very easy to do, but having a wedding planner can help the process run much more smoothly. There are simply a lot of things to think about when planning a wedding, like how many people will be coming, the food that you will be feeding your guests, and whether or not you plan to have a DJ or live band play at your wedding.

How about that cute little dress for your chosen flower girl?

Flower Girl Dress Options

Bride and flower girl

Flower girl dresses are usually chosen depending upon what the bride’s dress looks like or what the bridesmaids will be wearing at the wedding. The general idea is to match whatever colors or style is worn by the other participants. There are so many beautiful designs, fabrics, and styles. The bride should be able to narrow down her search depending upon the girl’s age and the length that is appropriate to be worn at the wedding.

It is best to prepare a little bit ahead but not too much ahead of what you would like the style of the dress to be for your flower girl. Keep in mind that you want the flower girl to be comfortable in the dress that she is wearing. Some days in the Spring and Fall season can be a bit cool depending on the location. If your wedding will be outside you might want to choose a long dress for your flower girl so that she doesn’t feel cold walking down the aisle.  A nice shrug sweater or scarf that matches the dress would also be ideal for shoulder warmth, especially if the dress will be sleeveless or made of light material. You should check the forecast maybe a week or two in advance; just enough time to order the right dress for the weather.

Climate to Determine the Color

When shopping around for a flower girl dress it is quite common for many people to look at ivory flower girl dresses because it is the most chosen option out of various other colors available. Ivory is popular because the dress is usually in tune with the bride’s white wedding dress that is worn. Also because the dress will typically be worn during a warm time of the year, ivory is a color that will not draw heat since it is a light color. Lighter colors are preferred for this very reason. However, some people will opt for going in a different direction and choose maybe a red or blue flower girl dress that matches the main colors that the bride and the groom have for their wedding. The darker colors are more appropriate for times of the year when the weather is colder. There are exceptions though if the dress is a short dark-colored dress or one that is sleeveless. Many people will go with these varieties of colors when they want to be different from the typical ivory option chosen.

The ivory represents purity and beauty, so this is why it is the traditional color that a lot of people go with when searching for their flower girl’s dress.

Sizing and Online vs Local

Unless the bride is the mother of the flower girl, it will be important to bring the mother along to get the child’s measurements so that the appropriate dress size will be purchased for the flower girl. While it seems to be a very good idea to purchase a flower girl dress online, it may be a better option to purchase a dress locally if you are able to find the style that you need. The reason for this is because you can visit the shop and have the child try the dress on at the shop to make sure it is the perfect fit. You want the dress that the flower girl will be wearing to be comfortable.

measurement for buying dress

However, sometimes the local formal wear stores don’t have the color dress that you would like for your flower girl to wear available when it comes time to purchase one. This would be the reason why many people do end up ordering a dress for their flower girl online instead. Pay close attention to the size chart and keep the girl’s measurements in mind. If you will be purchasing a dress for your flower girl online, then you can always call the phone number given by the website or send an email to ask any questions about sizing.


The flower girl dress that you choose will depend on the amount of money that you plan to spend. Of course, the more elegant the dress is, the more it will cost. Depending upon the agreement the bride and groom have with the parents will determine who will pay for the flower girl dress. Generally when the flower girl is a close family member, the bride and groom or a different family member will pay for the dress of choice.

Take into consideration the material that you want. If the flower girl will be wearing a silk dress then you will spend more money on the dress because silk is an expensive material.  A cheaper material that mimics silk is polyester. Chiffon can pass for being close in looks to silk as well, and you can find some dresses that look just as nice as the silk options that are available. There are flower girl dresses available in various price ranges to match any budget. Plus, when planning ahead, you can always put funds aside weekly or monthly to have enough to purchase the perfect flower girl dress.

She will be part of the group that is the center of attention, so choosing a beautiful dress for her is quite important.

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