Tips to Stay Under Budget When You’re Planning Your Wedding

The costs associated with planning your wedding add up quickly. Most people know by adding “wedding” in front of anything — wedding DJ, wedding hairstylist — means that there will be additional charges. Somehow, the wedding industry is known for its markups. 

But even with that being the case, there are enough brides and grooms out there who have gotten married who have financially feasible tips to help you stay below your budget. It’s tough to do, that’s for sure, but it’s not impossible.

Check out these tips to help you stay under your budget goal while you’re planning your happily ever after. 

Use Facebook Groups

Yeah, there are a lot of downsides to Facebook, but none of them include the “buy and sell” groups that pop up. Facebook groups are super handy when it comes time to plan your wedding due to the nature of what people have on hand, or are ready to sell after their weddings. 

Even if all you’re looking for is the reassurance that your table settings match and the local rental place isn’t too used, there’s a Facebook group to aid you in your planning. Take advantage of those extra sparklers and the signs someone is selling. 

Timing is Everything 

Saturday weddings are popular because they are in the middle of the weekend. There’s a day before to prepare, and there’s a day after to recuperate. Doesn’t that sound perfect? However, perfection comes with a price tag — a pretty steep one. Most venues charge an additional fee for Saturday weddings. Opting for a Friday or Sunday wedding, or an unconventional day of the week wedding will help you stay beneath budget. 

Opting for a date that’s not during peak season can help, too. Winter weddings are the new summer wedding. 

Take your time planning your wedding. Taking a longer time to plan and save for your wedding will also help you keep the day financially feasible for you; however, you plan to pay that final sum. If you’re keen on getting married before your wallet is also encouraging, many couples opt to pay for part of their wedding with a loan. The cost of taking out a loan to pay for your wedding varies, depending on how much you’d be taking out and other factors. Taking time to plan your wedding with a long engagement can help you out in the long run. 

Celebrate in the Same Place

Having your ceremony and reception at the same venue is a great way to reduce the cost of your big day. By hosting both your wedding ceremony and reception at the same location, your decor can double up. 

Let’s dive into that further. If you’re only procuring enough flowers for one ballroom instead of two, imagine how much you can save on decor — especially because flowers add a lot of numbers to the end total, somehow. 

Skip the Flowers

Okay, this would make any traditional bride and her mother cringe.  But it’s something to consider in this day and age. Fresh flowers are extraordinarily expensive. Why not cut the corner here and use silk flowers for your bridesmaid bouquets? 

Alternatively, skip the bouquets all together. You can try something fun and unconventional like lanterns or candles if it’s an evening wedding. No one will miss the real flowers. 

Hopefully, these tips will give you some ideas about how to stay below budget for your big day.