Top 10 Console Fashion Games for Girls

Nowadays you can play any game you like, based on literally any aspect of life. But, if you take a closer look, you will see that most of the games are for men. War, weapons, fights, etc. What if you are a lady? Then you will want to find a different type of game. This is something we want to change! Below you can see the top ten fashion games for girls of all ages. After you find the ones you like, you can download console games and play them within minutes.

Style Savvy: Styling Star

Style Savvy: Styling Star is a game developed by Nintendo. It is one of the most advanced, unique, and most appealing developments of the genre. You will have to run a fashion boutique. It is yours, but not entirely. The main goal is to create and style all sorts of clothes for your customers. If they like your work, you will be paid, and you will get a frequent client. If not, then you will bankrupt. Probably the next best thing about the game is the feature which allows you to spend the money you earn in different ways. You can buy stocks in your boutique, or you can spend it all on nails, eyebrows, haircuts, etc. 


Here is another game on our list that is very popular these days. The game consists of two main elements or actions. The first one is the fact you must develop and design your clothes and the second is to wear it. The game is available for Wii, PC, and also Nintendo DS. It features a simple design and basic controls, but the fun factor is impressive.

Imagine Fashion Party

Imagine Fashion Party designed for Wii, but also available on Xbox 360. In the game, you will use the Wii remote controller to emulate scissors, makeup brushes, and so much more. Then you will style girls in the game. The goal is to provide an excellent match to the girl’s appearance and to discover or better said to determine which style suits to that girl the best. One way or another, you will have tons of fun. Ubisoft developed the game. It was one of the most popular games in 2008. Don’t forget that you are responsible for your actions.

Style Savvy

Style Savvy is a clothing game that is an older version of the first game on our list. The rules and the actions are similar but not the same. In this game, you will be a manager in your clothing store. You will start as an employee, and soon you will launch your store and become a manager. But, you need to make this a successful business, and you need to make cash fast. You will have to help your clients and customers get the best clothing to help them with the choice and with style. The limits are endless, and each player can play precisely as she wants.

Rugrats: Totally Angelica

Rugrats: Totally Angelica is an older game available for Sony PlayStation and Game Boy Color. Yes, you can still play it today, but you will need the ROM file of the game and an emulator. In that case scenario, you don’t have to purchase the actual console or the game CD. In the game, the main character is Angelica. She will try to make a fashion show. But, she needs help. This is the moment when you will step into the game. Your mission is to help the character develop a perfect and stunning fashion show and to impress all the guests. Will you succeed? It is up to you. The game is thrilling and offers a high level of options.

Primal Image Vol.1

Once again, we have an interesting and one of a kind game on the list. In Primal Image Vol.1, you will work as a photographer. Your task is to capture photographs of cure girls. Anyway, you can control their movement, their expressions, and also the objects behind the characters. In a nutshell, you need to make beautiful and impressive photographs that sold to fashion magazines. Although the game sounds simple and limited in duration, it offers a lot of variations and possibilities.


Should we even explain or define this game? Probably not. In the lack of a better word, the game is exceptionally appealing and fun for all players. Today we will be focused on fashion and clothing-related gaming. The game allows you to create your clothing, to design new ones, and of course, to dress the characters. The best part is the list of possibilities. There are countless of them, and this applies to all versions of the game. 

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

Although known as a strategy game, the Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, designed for girls who seek fashion-loaded games. The main reason behind the claim is that you can control the entire house and your character completely. You can wear anything you like, customize your character and your house. The game is an appealing choice if you are looking for a strategy game to play, but you also love customizing characters and the online world. Here, you have total control, and you can change anything you like. 

Barbie: Jet, Set, & Style

Barbie: Jet, Set, & Style is one game we all like and the one that will be on your list of favorite games for girls as well. In the game, you will take control over Barbie. You will travel across ten cities, and you will help others reach their full fashion potential. The people are clients. You need to make happy to continue playing and eventually complete the game. The game itself is intuitive and simple, with great graphics, modern items, and so much more. There are no drawbacks here. 

Imagine Fashion Designer

Would you like to be an artist? Now you can with this game developed for SNES. In the game, you will be able to use various methods, clothes, and items to customize the looks of other girls. Your task will be to make them as much beautiful as possible, and it is going to be a difficult task. Other things you will want to know about the game are the gorgeous models present and also intuitive gameplay. You will also develop your skills, and you will be able to style the models in less time and also to help them look even better than ever before. 

The final word

These ten games are stunning. We can say that they are epic as well, and each one will be extremely appealing to play, and each one will give you countless hours of fun and joy. The next step you have to take is to choose one or all the games from the list, download the ROMs, and start playing. Within 10 minutes, you can be an active player, and you can experience the unique world of gaming that is superb, period.