Top 10 Educational Choices for Women

If your school days are coming to an end and you still don’t really know what to do with your life, panic can overwhelm you. So while you are wondering whether you should do an internship or continue with your study, one thing is important for both decisions: The future of your decision must offer you a growing career.  Your educational choices now will determine your future career.

Growth and a good income are not guaranteed in every job. The question is which professions have the greatest potential for career advancement and earnings for women. We did a little bit of research in this field and came up with a few professions which can be perfect for women. 

The best educational choices are those which offer good pay, stable growth, and a secure environment. We have formed a list of professions that women may go for. Some of the career lines which are best for women include:

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1. IT specialist

IT specialist
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Women can easily find jobs now in the previously male-dominated IT industry. Anyone who can imagine working as an IT technician should go with the appropriate qualifications. The IT sector is booming in the world. Around 80% of companies are currently actively looking for new specialists or are planning to advertise vacancies soon. If you want to make a career, you will find many jobs in the industry with good career opportunities. As the rulers of the field of networking, IT specialists can currently get the best jobs available in the market.  The IT field has many specialized educational choices available such as networking, software development, and more.

2. The Medical Field

The need for doctors is increasing. General practitioners in rural areas are particularly scarce. Unemployment is virtually unknown in the profession. The course may be extensive and time-consuming, but it pays off. Doctors have a high salary potential and can practice in many specialist areas. Nonetheless, nursing has achieved a prominent place in the field of medicine and is a great career option for young aspiring women. You can always opt for online courses and degrees, including online DNP programs, if you would like to continue your studies from home.

3. Expert in Marketing and Communication

A huge increase in the competition, a growing range of products, and the promotion of digitization – in this environment, marketing and communication professionals are needed who know how products can be advertised to customers. In this branch, over 80 percent of companies want to hire new experts.

4. HR Manager

Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to attract good employees. The reason is that the “War for talents” has reached the global level now. Qualified specialists can choose the most desirable employers and places of work and are less and less regionally bound. Good Human Resource Managers are supposed to remedy the unfavorable situations, which may arise among employees of a company, and are sought in many places.

5. Manager for Business Development

One of the main tasks of a business development manager is not the daily retail business, but an eye for the big picture. How is the market changing? Which trends and developments are relevant to your company? Where is the company heading? To answer these and similar questions, you need a sound knowledge of finance, law, and economics. Therefore, the education of business development is ideal for women these days. 

6. Quality Control Manager

Quality assurance is also one of the jobs with good career opportunities. Whether material, product, process, or service quality, you are required to make sure that the target level is right. There are vacancies in many industries that offer positions for women, and the daily work routine is varied. 

7. Physicists

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

As specialists for phenomena which are worth explaining, physicists are always high in. Technically speaking, most of the jobs in the world rely on the work of a physicist. Whether we talk about a mechanical engineer or an electrical one.

8. Designer

It has long been in the history that creative people do not have a good time, financially. Today almost all advertising and digital agencies are looking for young talent. There are many designer educational choices available for women such as graphic designers, infographics, media designers, or packaging designers.  You do not have to search long for lucrative jobs.

9. Project Manager

As a project manager, you are involved in a project from start to finish and supervise the planning, implementation, and follow-up. It does not always run stress and trouble-free. The salary makes up for it. 

10. A Mathematician or an Accountant

Image by William Iven from Pixabay

Accountants are currently primarily sought for the areas of old-age provision, banking, and insurance. However, these professionals are also needed in the research related – for example, on the subject of digital currencies.

You can also go for pure mathematics, which has a huge career in the field of computer science. Whether we talk about physics or algorithms, mathematics is an integral part of all fields of study


Whether your talent and interest lie in the creative, scientific, or economic area, in many specialist areas, there are current jobs with good career opportunities. We hope that this list works as a guiding tool for your professional career and future goals. You can always opt for online courses and programs to continue your studies in any field.