6 Church Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising for your church is a brilliant idea. Because of the community, you can bring in a large crowd when you host an event.  You can also invite people that is outside your church community. Church Fundraisers often have a lot of volunteers because of the nature of the fundraising idea. You just need to ask people on whether they are willing and able to lend a hand. Moreover, the rise of the Internet and social media can help you reach out to more people. Social Media Marketing can be used to your advantage because it is free and useful. It would be crazy to pass up on an opportunity such as this.

The great thing about the Internet is that you have access to millions of ideas on how to organize a church fundraising event. It can range from the simplest idea to the most extravagant and complicated idea. I recommend that you take baby steps if this is the first time that you will organize a church fundraising event. Keep it simple so you can take care of every aspect of it.

1. Art Show

Art show

First great idea on the list is to host an Art show. Get all the local artists on board through the use of social media and leaflets, notifying them about an art show. Allow them to put up their work for display where they can sell at the event too. Provided they paid a booth registration fee.

Moreover, the artists can choose to auction off a piece of work for the fundraiser too! Make sure to organize an appropriate venue for this particular event. Perhaps the church hall would be sufficient enough?

2. Trash Art

Continuing with the theme of Art, host a Trash Art show in a local venue. You can have various artists using recyclable trash as a medium for their artwork. Like the previous idea, charge a booth registration fee where they can display and sell their artwork too. Also, let them have the choice to auction off any of their artwork to raise funds for the church.

3. Carboot Sale

Host a car boot sale! This is like a yard sale but instead of your own yard, you can have people turn up with old stuff they don’t want anymore to sell straight from the car boot. You will need an appropriate venue for this idea because you need to consider how the logistics will work out — for the cars to enter, park and exit, and also for the people to come in. The venue will most likely need to be a field, which would be large enough to accommodate such activities.

All you have to do is charge a small registration fee where people can sell second-hand products from their car on a small spot of land in the field. Next, you can charge a small admission fee for entrance for people to enter. Al the proceeds from the admissions will go towards the fundraiser.

Once you have organized the location, you will need to start getting the attention of the whole community and advertising the event. You can advertise the event at the church congregation, leaflets, or social media. This will entice people to come and encourage them to sell some of their old stuff that’s just been taking up space in their storage.

4. Cooking Competition

Everyone loves food! Have a cooking competition, that is in reference to the cooking shows that everyone loves tuning in on. Like the TV cooking shows have your contestants cook their favorite and best dish. Using specific ingredients with specific criteria to meet. How this idea generates cash, people can pay to taste each specific dish where they can then vote on their favorite cook and their dish.

Also, offer your supporters the choice to sign up as either a chef or judge. This way you can entice a larger range of audience. This will not only be fun but it will offer a unique and educational experience for any aspiring cooks!

5. Recipe Books

As a homage to the days long gone where we did not rely on modern devices like smartphones, for cooking recipes. Aim to crowdsource lots of recipes from each individual in your congregation that participates. Ask the people to have a small input into the book where they can draw their own little doodle, or add a note with the recipe they offer up for submission. This will make the book look, feel unique, personal and special. Approach the local university or college in regards to getting a design done by one of the students studying graphic design.  There will be plenty of graphic design students that will want the opportunity to work on this and have it on their portfolio too.

6. Bike Relay Race

First, find an appropriate venue and then host yourself an epic bike relay race! Compared to the other simple church fundraising ideas this one is the simplest. It’s just a case of approaching the town’s official that deals with affairs like these to authorize such an event in public areas. Next, advertise the event and announce the event via social media or the church congregation to entice people to come!

In general, there are always aspects to a fundraiser that needs to be addressed with extra attention but these are pretty simple and quite easy to achieve. Moreover, they’re popular too! There will be plenty of interest in this within the community.

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