Top Graphic Design Trends of 2019

Main trends

Bright colors

color trends
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The trend moves smoothly from 2018 to 2019. We are promised to use increasingly bold colors, which gives designers a field for experimentation and gives businesses the opportunity to differentiate themselves literally and figuratively from competitors.

Obviously, not every brand will be suitable for bold colors, but, for example, in advertising materials, you can use them as an exception.

In fact, it’s not the first time it’s happened in design, and I agree that this often turns an ordinary design into a bold and interesting solution.


In the book “100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People” by Susan Weinschenk is written that the male target audience prefers a symmetrical layout, and the female audience prefers more asymmetrical variants. Nevertheless, everyone will like asymmetry if it attracts attention and surprises.

In fact, it’s not the first time it’s happened in design, and I agree, often such a performance turns an ordinary design into a bold and interesting decision.

Animated graphics

Movable elements on the pages of the site, in advertising materials and as part of mobile applications involve users in the interaction.

Animation for several years in the trend, and I would like to note that this trend we feel because, over the past 2 years, the volume of work with animation has increased several times. It is perfectly suited for the implementation of micro-interactions on the site and applications, like videos, as well as to dilute the content with animated illustrations. Video infographics and regular clips using GIF-animation are also very good.

Using gradients

The trend started to take shape in 2017, strengthened this year and will be valid in 2019. It is also actively used in branding.

Isometric illustrations

Isometric is used in full program in advertising, computer games, photography, iconography. The trend does not lose its topicality and boldly moves forward in 2019 as you can see at this page of graphic design & illustration.

Augmented reality (AR)

The trend from the sphere of interesting entertainment is firmly roamed into mobile and web design, and online stores implement it when they organize virtual fitting rooms. AR is gaining popularity and will definitely be used in 2019.

Unique and authentic photos

Sewage photographs have become not just a moverton, but an object of unrestrained sarcasm. Websites with smiling foreign people in any life situation cannot be taken seriously. Designers pick up cameras and take photos of their colleagues or client’s employees.

Minimalist design

To highlight one thing and do it beautifully: the trend solves this problem. No – to “garbage” design. Yes, it makes sense!

Maximalist design

The trend contrasts itself with the phrase “better, better, better” because sooner or later users begin to want color contrast, mixing styles. Not in vain, for example, in the furniture industry, there is a transition to eclectic interiors.

Trends in user interface design and experience (UI/UX)

Mobile App Interface

Mobile traffic overtook desktop applications, services and sites and amounts to 57%. Today, it has become mandatory to make a mobile version of a web resource during development.

I remember many people saying that there is no need to do interfaces on mobile devices and there is no need to emphasize it. Well, now companies with the most active visitors sitting on gadgets are simply obliged to implement adaptive versions of sites and pay attention to the interface.

Negative space

This is all that surrounds or is located between the objects of the drawing. The trend is used in all directions of design.

Negative space is mainly used only in minimalist design and due to it, it is possible to create clear accents on the necessary elements of content – titles, photos, text. It is widely used and will be relevant for a long time to come.

Illustrative icons

Such icons attract attention, quickly help the user to understand their purpose.

Previously popular minimalist icons – flat or linear, now it is moverton. Now you need to make more individual traced icons. It would seem that this is a trifle, but the design of these little things and consists of.

Liquid, geometric and asymmetric shapes

Liquid Forms were in the trend in both 2018 and 2019. Combining them with gradients and vivid colors, designers still set the tone in the industry.

These forms are very well implemented and are now used in most cases, thus bringing a more interesting look to the standard design elements, for example in the design of information blocks or product cards, as well as a backing for photos or illustrations. Increasingly, such implementation is found as a background image, illustrations, and patterns. Usually, it looks like a combination of different kinds of shapes with the use of bright or not quite variations of color or gradient. The trend for such figures can be observed not for the first year already. I think it will also grow next year.

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