How to Select the Best One-piece Swimsuit for your Vacation

Whether you are going for summer or winter vacation, choosing a swimsuit that flatters your body is important. Before you even hit the swim dress stores, there are some dos and don’ts that you need to observe. You want to look and feel great when you hit the beach so that your vacay bears fruit.

Go for simple designs and a little pattern

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First of all, avoid regular swimwear with features that are unflattering. Patterns and detailing around the waist and tummy areas make you look fuller than you actually are. Crisscross patterns and padded options only serve to attract unwanted attention to these regions.

Simply put, go for waist designs that add extra oomph where it is needed. Every woman has problem areas, and it is prudent to reduce detailing on those areas. If you have a smaller bust, for example, go for a push up one piece swimsuit with ruffles, accents and detailing that adds some substance on the chest area.

Wear wedges instead of flat flip flops if you are on the shorter side of height. As you hang around the swimming pool, the extra height helps you stand up straight and affords your body a fuller yet streamlined look and feel.

Choose simple colors for your one-piece bikini

Go with a black monokini if you want to look slimmer in and around the pool. This has always worked for almost every woman. One rule of the thumb is to wear a one-piece whose color is the same from top to bottom. Many women with different body shapes look so good in these. On the other hand, suits with large patterns fill you out and do nothing to emphasize your curves.

Do you want to add some flair, style, and personality to your swimwear? Dark purple and navy colors are great alternatives. The good thing about monokinis is that they create an endless allure and seamlessness even if your body is large and not naturally curvy.

Curiously, a white one-piece suit is not the best option to go with. In fact, it is not the advisable color for any bikini. As black helps to slim you up, its white counterpart adds kilos to your appearance. If you are very slim or fit, white could be a good option because it introduces the appearance of fuller proportions.

Take it as a valued investment

When you spend a high amount on the swimsuit, it comes with the assurance that it’s of top quality. Cheap is expensive in the long run, so feel free to splash a little cash. Set foot at the physical swimsuit stores or read details about its material online. A high-quality swimwear should have a thicker fabric to effectively keep your body in shape.

It is okay to spend time and money selecting the one that ticks all these boxes because you plan to have it for a couple of years to come. It does not matter your body size. If you are plus-sized, there are great plus size bathing wear with an underwire to control the extra pounds. The additional support does a lot to inject self-confidence and comfort during your vacation.

Maintain your personality with one-piece swimwear

Are you the more conventional woman who want to cover up a little bit? Ask for swimsuits that have a conservative bottom. Options such as skirt and boy short have extra flaps of material that cover your bottom. These are for the self-conscious and respectable person.

If you are the free-spirited modern woman keen to flaunt a little more skin, there are options for you too. Choose the perfect V-shaped one-piece suit that exposes some cleavage. Other alternatives are suits with lace-ups, low cut designs, ties and straps to increase a sexy appeal.

How to accessorize your one-piece swimsuit

Wear a pair of Bermuda or denim shorts over your one-piece bikini to achieve a casual appeal when hanging around the beach or pool area. These add a relaxed look especially when you interchange low, mid and high-waist varieties. Miniskirts made of denim and patterned material over your one-piece also come with a flirty style.

Depending on your style, personality, and schedule of vacation, you can add some jewelry as long as you don’t enter the water in these. Feathery or dangly earrings that contrast the color of your beachwear are good to inject an air of fabulous luxury.

Avoid metallic necklaces, bangles, and earrings, as these will stain your swimwear. Additionally, the metal can react with the humidity at the beach and sea salt to leave you looking washed up. Instead, go for accessories made of wood, stone or plastic.


Before you settle on any swimsuit, do your homework carefully. Read independent reviews by customers who have bought these clothes before. In so doing, remember that what worked for one person may not automatically work for you even if you have a common body size.

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