What is CBD? –What we know about the compound

CBD (Cannabidiol) has recently been the hot topic in the media, and you might have seen it in your smoothie or coffee, but what exactly is it? CBD is a compound that is a part of the cannabinoids, and it’s the second most abundant ingredient of cannabis (marijuana). Although CBD is an important component of medical marijuana, it is obtained from the hemp plant directly, which is close to the marijuana plant. However, there is no evidence of any addiction or “high” caused due to CBD.

Is CBD Legal?

CBD in the US is legal across all 50 states; however, the laws legalizing it might have a different degree of restrictions. While CBD, as per the federal government, still considers it in a similar class as marijuana, there are no enforcements against it. 

Presently, many individuals can get CBD online without any medical cannabis license. Although there is no certainty with the laws relating to CBD, the position can soon change. There is bipartisan consensus going on in congress for the legality of the hemp crop. It would thus make the CBD legal and usable more openly. 

Cannabidiol and the evidence of its health benefits

Although various studies have shown that CBD could be useful for various health conditions such as heart diseases, maintain stable blood pressure and acne conditions, etc. Its most effective treatment is in treating certain childhood epilepsy syndromes, which include Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome, which normally aren’t responsible for the antiseizure medications.

In numerous instances, CBD was responsible for reducing seizures, and in certain cases, it was responsible for stopping it altogether. 

Furthermore, CBD has is normally used to treat anxiety and for patients who suffer from insomnia as the studies have shown that CBD can help in both falling and staying asleep. 

CBD oil can also help you reduce acne caused due to inflammation or various other reasons. Additionally, it can also assist in lowering the pain and inflammation caused due to arthritis. Another study suggests that CBD can help treat neuropathic and inflammatory pain, which are the two most difficult types to treat. 

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Is CBD Safe? 

As with every other compound, there are certain side effects of CBD, which could include nausea, irritability, and fatigue. You should not take it if you have any particular medical condition that sees you taking blood thinners, as CBD can raise the levels similar to a grapefruit juice. 

Apart from it, certain other studies are showing that CBD is completely safe for ordinary use. However, always consult your doctor if you are concerned about any potential side effects or you are undergoing any specific medical treatment. 


CBD is not a cure, and you can use it as a supplement for aiding better health and well-being in low concentrations. However, we do need more research on the topic in terms of its effectiveness and safety to ensure that it is both safe and efficient for users.  

If you have decided to use the product in any form, always consult your doctor first to guide you in case you are taking other medications with it. 

Featured Photo by Sheila Pedraza Burk from Burst