Know Difference Between Synthetic and Natural Hair Wigs

There are two types of wig materials: synthetic fiber and human hair. People assume that a human hair wig is better than one made from synthetic hair. However, it isn’t that simple. It all depends on how you use your wig and how long you have to care for it.

Human Hair Wigs:

Most human wigs available on the market today are made of Asian hair. It is mostly from China. However, there are higher-quality Asian hairs from Indian and Pakistani women. Asian hair is straight, thick, and dark. This hair can be used to make straight wigs for black women. However, it must go through several bleaching and other chemical treatments to become a curly wig. The result is that a wig can become damaged.

Eastern European countries like Russia and Poland have the best hair quality for European-looking Wigs. Because Asian hair is less popular, this hair is more expensive than Asian hair. European hair wigs last longer and are more comfortable to the touch.

Be sure to ask where your hair came from before you buy a wig made of human hair. It is worth spending several hundred dollars on getting a wig made of European hair. If the wig label states “human hair wig” but does not specify the origin of the hair, it is most likely made from Asian hair.

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The advantages of human hair wigs

  • A human hair wig is more durable than a synthetic one
  • Human hair wigs are soft and feel natural to the touch.
  • You can style and dye a human hair wig just like your hair.
  • Human hair wigs “breathe,” which means your scalp won’t sweat as much when you wear one.

There are disadvantages

  • After every wash, a human hair wig must be styled.
  • An expensive human hair wig can be costly.

Synthetic wigs: 

There are many styles of synthetic wigs, but not all synthetic fibers can be made the same. Costume wigs for Halloween, for example, are often made of lower-quality fibers. They look like a wig and are therefore more affordable. This is fine for Halloween parties, but it’s not the best wig for everyday use. Modern synthetic materials can look very real, thanks to their use in high-quality designer wigs. You will find almost any type of wigs, such as u part wig and t part wig.

You can get a natural look by choosing well-respected wig brands like Aspen, Revlon, and Norinco.

Synthetic wigs also have many benefits:

  • Easy care – The wig can be washed once it has dried.
  • Lower price

There are disadvantages

  • A synthetic wig can’t be styled with iron. It will burn.
  • If you wear your synthetic wig every day, it will last for a few months.

Synthetic wigs are my preference because they don’t have to be worn every day. I only wear them when I feel different. Easy care is also important to me. If you are looking for a wig to add fashion flair or express your personality, I recommend buying multiple synthetic wigs in different styles and colors. Be careful to only purchase high-quality, expensive synthetic tresses. Otherwise, you might be disappointed with your new look.

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Featured Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash