What to buy the man who has everything on that special occasion

Sometimes it seems impossible to buy your husband a gift because he already seems to have everything he needs and wants. When it comes to this, no matter how many times you ask his friends what they think he’d like drop hints to him, you are still left with no answer. We’ve created a list of 5 gifts that your husband would love to receive on a special occasion. They range from personalised gifts to experience days that are sure to leave him shocked and surprised and he definitely won’t be disappointed.

  1. A Beer Making Kit

Does your husband have a taste for craft beer and good ale? Instead of taking him down to the pub on his special day, why not treat him to a home beer making kit. You can find a range of different kits online or in stores and they include everything he needs to get started. It’s a great way to introduce him to a new side hobby and you never know, it could turn into a business idea…

  1. Personalised Number Plate

Think that your husband has every gadget and gift to go with his car? Think again. Why don’t you consider getting him a private number plate to make his car extra special? There are many online websites that offer well-priced private number plates, simply search for the number plate you’re looking for and they’ll see if someone is selling it. With this gift, you can be as playful as you want, get something like his name on the number plate or if you know he’s a joker, a funny word or phrase might be just perfect.

  1. Concert Tickets

Concert Tickets

If you husband really does have a lot of stuff and you’re struggling to think of things he needs then why not surprise him with something he wants? Tickets to his favourite band/singer are priceless and it’s all about enjoying the experience, not having a physical gift to use. Make sure you look out in advance, if his favourite band are popular, chances are, tickets will go pretty quickly. You can opt to receive emails from ticket selling websites when the tickets for that band go on sale so you don’t miss out.

  1. Personalised Desk Calendar

If you want something that will really pull at the heartstrings then a personalised desk calendar will do just that. When your husband is having a stressful day at work, nothing will cheer him up more than being reminded of his friends and family with pictures on his desk. You could plan a photoshoot with the family to get professional shots for the calendar, or just simply use old photos you already have and create a montage with these. There are several stores and online companies that provide this service and it can be done quickly and easily, hassle free!

  1. Fast Car Driving Experience

This gift is for the thrill-seeking husbands that love an adrenaline rush. Several gift experience companies offer packages to drive in your choice of fast car around an official track. This can be anything from an Aston Martin to an Audi, a Ferrari to a Lamborghini, and he definitely won’t be expecting it. If you know he has a friend that is also into fast car then why not surprise them both with a double experience so that they get to enjoy it together? No matter where you are in the UK, they host these experiences across the country and how long they have on the track depends on your budget.

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