Why Use Instagram Stories for Your Business in 2019

Are you using Instagram Stories for your business? If not, it is high time that you do so. You might be wondering why, when there are Facebook and Twitter. Well, let us explain. Instagram Stories is one of the top features you can leverage and take your brand presence to the next level. Right from its inception, Instagram engagement has increased manifold from a billion users to 500 million active Stories daily as of 2019. Now, that is some impressive figure. Therefore, you can use this feature to promote your products, services, and your business as a whole to reach out to your targeted audience.

According to an article published on many sites, storytelling today when digital marketing has taken the world by storm has helped business, big and small to engage in some kind of interactivity. If you can tell your brand story that piques audience interest, it will have a positive impact on your brand as well as prospective buyers. Besides, there are many tech tools to increase the number of your followers on Instagram. In other words, Instagram Stories video is extremely engaging and helped many brands to connect with their targeted customers in less time. Read on to learn why you should use Instagram Stories to promote your business and products in 2019:

Stories engage and stir excitement

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Now you know that Stories are engaging. Well, Stories have a short time span and show up until a specific period, but later wane in the days to come. You can display your stories content for one day and not more than that. Then, what should be your marketing strategy if your content displays for 24 hours? Inspire your followers to keep an eye on your brand-related stories content frequently the photo-sharing platform. This way, your followers will avoid missing exciting deals, offers or discounts that will disappear in a day. To cut a long story short, your followers simply need to tap their smartphone button to keep checking your Instagram content.

Stories help your existing customers and potential ones receive quick updates from many followers or subjects. The amazing feature is narrative in style and all content unfold in real-time. It makes your Instagram as good as a well-written fiction story, thus creating engagement and excitement surrounding your business. Your targeted audience cannot wait to see what your brand has to offer next. Such is the power of Instagram Stories and you must make the most out of the same. This way, you will get Instagram followers in less time. Try this option and you will benefit.

Never worry if your real-time Instagram posts are not relevant to your stories content. It is fine. Just relax! When it comes to focused engagement, it originates from many touch-points. Then, all your loyal audience and customers can see your stories content daily. Therefore, you must design Instagram stories frequently with believable narratives. It will let your targeted customers and existing followers learn more about your brand with time. Therefore, come and discover your new, potential buyers every day.

People’s face profile spurs engagement

Build stories that pique audience interest from people’s faces.It helps your customers to process the information, identify and memorize the same. According to renowned research experts in the industry, it was discovered that human brain neurons bank information about known and popular faces, especially celebrities. In one specific case, a brain neuron was identified when a photo of the famous Hollywood actor Halle Berry was shown. You can use the photos of other famous Hollywood celebs like Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Richard Gere, or Nicole Kidman so that brain neurons save information. If you experiment with the face profiles of ordinary subjects, human figures, or group photos, recognition and excitement will not be the same.

Such studies or experiments show that the human brain is conditioned to identify celeb or popular faces in a special manner. It is one of the marketing strategies to use for your Instagram Stories content to take your brand to another level. You will benefit, no doubt.

The vertical video format of Storiesmakes your audience elated. When you use this cool feature of Instagram, you can record the close-ups of or popular faces. It is a simple thing to do, as you do not need to record the visual by adjusting your phone from an uncomfortable position. These little things matter when it comes to Instagram vertical video format. Take some time out of your busy schedule and research more on how you can make the best use of Stories to your advantage.

Stories work to your advantage

You love it when your followers, customers, fans, and prospects update their stories on Instagram. Then, it is more fun when you create engaging content for your brand and products and share the same. According to a study by Harvard University, 30-40 percent of our conversation is about disclosing information about us. When you share your brand stories and feelings surrounding it, it excites the customer brain centers relating to some reward.

Another study proved that documenting events makes our perceptions and memories sharp. In one experiment, the participants were asked to take pictures of the artifacts or avoid doing so. When the results came out, the participants taking pictures paid more attention to the artifacts than those who refrained from doing so. The users who clicked pictures never shared any negative about the whole experience. These little things work. If it works for others, it will work for your brand too. You need to take the leap of faith.

You can use these tactics when it comes to your Instagram Stories content. It feels great when you share the stories of your brand with your targeted audience. This way, you can pamper your customers when you show interest in the content they share. It will benefit your brand as well as your customers.

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Reinforce client brand relationship

In the event that you need to construct your business, you have to change over your one-time clients into steadfast clients. All things considered, the more individuals become faithful to your image, the more you’ll win. Presently, to ensure your clients continue buying items in your store or utilizing your administrations, you have to assemble a closer association with them. Instagram Stories can assist you with that.

Here are a couple of thoughts for Instagram Stories content which will reinforce the association with your clients:

  • Create and offer simple instructional exercises just as DIY (for example “do it without anyone’s help”) recordings.
  • Interact with your group of spectators by posing charming inquiries.
  • Apologize and thank your devotees.
  • Share UGC (for example “client produced substance”) and along these lines, demonstrate your clients that you care about their substance and value it.

Increase your discoverability

Instagram Stories can likewise enable you to get increasingly neighborhood presentation for your image. On account of the area stickers, you can educate your group of spectators where you are at a specific minute, where your gatherings or philanthropy gatherings will occur, or… where your store is found. In this manner, they are particularly valuable for organizations with physical stores. With the assistance of area stickers, you can without much of a stretch drive more pedestrian activity to your store.


Leverage the stories feature to connect with your existing and potential buyers. It will help your branding efforts; generate leads, conversions, and sales in the days to come.

Cover Image credits: Photo by Omkar Patyane from Pexels

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