8 Ways To Feel Happier When You Get The Blues/ Feel Moody

All of us have faced times when we were not feeling like ourselves. Instead, we have let sadness, and negative thoughts take over. And all of us have heard about depression, and now you might wonder if this sadness is an indicator that we are dealing with depression. Chances are that you are dealing with depression at that point in your life, and if so, you have no reason to be worried since there are various efficient treatments that can help you overcome depression in no time. But chances are that you are just feeling the seasonal blues. What is that, you ask? No, we are not talking about music here – we are talking about the reason behind your sadness, decreased level of energy, and motivation, or, to say it simply – we are talking about the seasonal blues!

We are dedicating this article to all who are wondering how you can fight these seasonal blues in the shortest time possible and return to feeling like yourself again! But first, let’s take a minute to share some important facts about the seasonal blues for those of you who are hearing about this phenomenon for the first time in your lives!

What Does The Term “Blues” Stand For?

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Also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), seasonal blues is a mental disorder that generally affects people with normal mental health most of the time, except for the same period of the year when the depressive symptoms take over. In most cases, we are talking about winter and summer blues. Although it is not completely clear what causes the winter and summer blues, many researchers suggest that it is, in fact, the decreased amount of sunlight due to the shorter daylight hours in winter and the heat that these people cannot deal with that causes the blues to occur.

The symptoms are a lot alike the symptoms of depression, including loss of interest in activities, feelings of sadness, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, decreased energy levels and etc. So how to feel better while you are dealing with the seasonal blues? Discover a few simple yet efficient ways in the following article!

The 8 ways to make yourself happier!

  1. Eat more chocolate – This is one of the times when you have a relevant excuse to eat more of your favorite chocolate! Since stress is one of the reasons to feel a bit depressed, it is best to fight it as much as you can. And since cortisol is the one to blame for all your body’s stress, you need to fight it with just the right food – chocolate!
  2. Start exercising – This is a great way to get your body back in shape as you fight the seasonal blues at the same time! A study published by Harvard University suggested that walking for at least 35 minutes a day, five times a week, will successfully help your body overcome mild depression and seasonal blues symptoms. Also, if you choose to do your form of exercising while exposed to bright light, you have even greater chances of overcoming the symptoms and improving your mental health!
  3. Play your favorite music – After investigating the relationship between music and different neurobiological conditions, including depression, a study published in the World Journal of Psychiatry suggests that listening to your favorite music will help you decrease the symptoms of depression and seasonal blues in both the short and long term!
  4. Plan your next vacation – Start researching a new destination for your next vacation because researchers suggest that the simple act of planning a vacation get helps relieve your depression symptoms!
  5. Talk a walk – Invite your friends or family or simply take your pet for a walk, even if it is a cold winter day that you are facing. A simple walk can help your mind and body work better!
  6. Enjoy an old hobby – It is time to revisit your past and enjoy an activity that has brought you joy once in your past years! Whatever the reason is that you do not do your old hobby anymore, it is time to change things us and visit some old memories!
  7. Get enough sleep – It is not uncommon for the short sleep period to be the reason behind your depressed mood. It is time for that to change, as a sleeping routine will take over. Plan your time so that you will have enough time to spend at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. It is extremely beneficial if you go to bed and wake up every morning at the same time each day! This can also help you overcome insomnia since it is one of the most common symptoms of depression.
  8. Change your environment – You do not have to find a new apartment if that is what you thought. A few simple changes as a home cleaning, adding more lights, painting your apartment in colorful tones, and adding a new piece of furniture, can do the trick! This is the time to get creative and do some changes to your place of living!
Feel Happier
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Are you feeling a little depressed in the last few days? Have you been doing some research after discovering that you have seasonal blues? It is all right. Seasonal blues are a part of many people’s lives and can be easily removed with the right treatments. But it is not the treatments only that you should rely on. You can do a lot for yourself as well.

Actually, you can do these 8 things to help yourself feel better as each day passes! We hope you will try these ways to make all symptoms like morning sickness, depressed feelings, and negative thoughts go away as quickly as possible! Do not hesitate to improve your life!

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