Top Options for What to do with Cremated Remains

When it comes to your loved one’s cremated remains, there are many different options of what to do with them, from tree planting to memory glass of your choosing.

Many people cherish the remains in an urn, but if your loved one had something loved scuba diving or you want to keep them close to your heart, there are other options out there. If you’re looking for something special to do with the cremation remains of the person you love, here are a few options that might appeal to you.

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Under the sea

If your loved one loved everything about the ocean or was constantly doing their part to take care of the environment, then the under the sea option might be suiting. This is called an eternal reef and combines urns, ash scattering and a burial at sea by encasing your loved one’s ashes in concrete that is safe for the environment to create an artificial reef. The memorial is then mapped so you can go scuba diving to visit your loved one’s artificial reef when you want to.

Turn it into a diamond

If you aren’t willing to part with your loved one’s remains, and your family member had a taste for the finer things in life, you can have the ashes turned into a diamond instead. The color of the diamond will change depending on the person and can be set into a number of different pieces of jewelry, meaning you can wear the diamond in a necklace close to your heart or in a bracelet or ring instead.

Make it into memory glass

Turning the ashes of someone you loved into a piece of memory glass has become an extremely popular option in today’s modern world. Memory glass can be made into sculptures, pendants, and much more. The great thing is, even if your loved one chose not to be cremated, you can still get a piece of memory glass made from the sand or soil from their favorite place to remember them by instead.

Keep the ashes in an elegant hourglass

If you want to be modern with your loved one’s ashes but still want a touch of the traditional, placing the ashes in an elegant hourglass is an option many people choose. You can also combine the ashes of your parents in the same hourglass, so you always have both of them with you wherever you go.
When you need a strong shoulder to lean on in the days leading up to the service for your loved one, Heritage Cremation will be there for you. The friendly staff can walk you through the steps to ensure you are comfortable and fully understand the process. Additionally, they can help you determine what to do with your loved one’s ashes.
No longer do you have limited options when it comes to the ashes of the people you love. In fact, many people have strong wishes for what they want done with their cremated remains. Sit down and talk about these options together so that you know each other’s wishes before the time comes.

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