Clover Hardware Enhancements That Your Business Will Love

If you’ve ever gone shopping for a new POS system for your business, you’ve almost certainly heard of Clover before. From its desktop system to the powerful, portable Booker POS system, Clover has been the industry standard for point of sale systems for years. To keep up with the ever-changing trends of the business world and to ensure owners have all the tools they could possibly need to run their business right, the well-known Clover system is getting an upgrade, and it’s jam-packed with goodies that you’re sure to love.

Hardware Upgrades

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Clover hardware is sleek, shiny and practical, but there were a few things that could be improved on. The original Clover desktop POS system did not have the ability to accept EMV “chip” cards unless fitted with an additional part. The 2.0 upgrade changes that. Brand new systems will come standard with a “chip” reader, allowing for easier, more secure transactions.

While this in itself is an impressive hardware upgrade, the Clover 2.0 POS system has much more to offer, including:

  • A larger screen
  • Fingerprint scanning accessibility
  • A customer-facing printer display

These small changes all work together to make the 2.0 upgrade more accessible for both workers an customers, therefore making transactions smoother and easier.

Software Redesigns

The Clover 2.0 POS system at Merchant Account Solutions also features new software that makes it more practical for use in all environments. These changes are designed to make the Clover system more practical for use at full-service restaurants, an area where the previous software was lacking. The software is also more streamlined for a smoother experience from beginning to end.

The Clover 2.0 system brings a lot to the table, and each new hardware and software upgrade is sure to make your business more efficient and effective on the sales front. Check out the changes in detail and consider upgrading your old POS system to the newest, best hardware around.


Sometimes, you need to take business to the customers. This can create a huge boost in income, but can make handling payments highly difficult without a POS system. With options like the Clover Flex, a handheld device capable of taking orders and accepting payments, and the Booker POS (otherwise known as the Clover Mini) available, you can take all the tracking functionality of your POS system with you. This can make all the difference between organized income and complete chaos for businesses that seek to take advantage of outdoor events such as fairs or festivals.

In order to succeed, a business needs to be organized, thorough and detail-oriented. Having a good POS system on your side makes that possible. Research the different types of POS systems out there to find the right one for your business so you can get organized and get the most out of your transactions.


Many services offer a plethora of options like online ordering and portable devices. Booker POS units, for example, feature handheld equipment for table-side checkout and phone-based payments. Look for features that work well for your business so you won’t be left wanting later on.

Updating your POS service will make a big difference in how your restaurant runs. Shop online to find the best reviewed and cost-effective services and you won’t be disappointed with your pricing, equipment and features as your restaurant grows!

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