Easy Tips for Going from Carnivore to Veggie Lover

For the vegetarian newbie, it can seem very intimidating to transition from a diet heavy in meat to one with protein from other sources. Becoming a vegetarian isn’t just a diet change, it is a lifestyle adjustment that requires a lot of commitment to make it work. Here are some easy tips that will help anyone become a vegetarian in no time at all.

Eat a rainbow

Eat a rainbow
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Some people think that because vegetarians don’t eat meat that they will be hungry all the time, but this is far from true. There are so many good, nutrient-rich foods that can easily fill you up for each meal. You may not know exactly where to start and what to include in your meals, so a good idea to ensure you’re getting as many nutrients as possible is to eat a rainbow. Don’t be afraid to eat by color, not by calorie. Include as many colors as you can per plate, like green lettuce, red strawberries, orange peppers, yellow corn, and purple potatoes. The more colors you eat, the fuller you will feel and the less you’ll think you’re missing out on meat.

Invest in a cooking class for vegetarians

The only thing that may stand in your way when it comes to preparing vegetarian meals is simply the preparation part. This can easily be bypassed by taking a vegetarian-specific cooking class. These classes will go over some vegetarian basics like how to cook protein alternatives and how to incorporate fun ingredients into your weekly menus so you don’t get too bored.

Take some supplements

When done incorrectly, the transition from meat to vegetarian options can leave a person without essential nutrients. The human body needs specific nutrients to perform properly, so it is always a good idea to take some vitamin supplements to help balance out your diet. To get some ideas, the supplement manufacturing company Makers Nutrition has some good examples to get you started.

Don’t be afraid of spice

A good spice blend can really change your entire meal. Vegetarian food is incredibly versatile, and is made much more delicious and unique with fun spices. Don’t be afraid to experiment and go crazy with spices and flavors. Soon, you won’t even realize meat has been cut out of your diet.

Try something new each week

Make it a goal of yours to eat something new every single week. Being a vegetarian will open up your world up to a ton of food options you didn’t even know existed, so make it your mission to try them all! How else will you know what tastes good and what doesn’t? Challenge yourself to pick something up at the grocery store that looks new and unique. Plus, constantly trying something new will bring endless variety to your meals. Who knows, you may come up with some new culinary ideas you never would have thought of.

Start with one meal a day

There’s nothing saying that you have to make the switch from meat eater to completely plant-based overnight. Instead, consider starting with one vegetarian meal per day to see if you are comfortable enough with the change. Making the transition one day at a time will help you to ease into this new lifestyle without any stress. Remember, small changes and steady commitment will help you win the race of becoming a vegetarian.

Going vegetarian brings a ton of health and wellness benefits, but many people are afraid to do so because this lifestyle change can seem too overwhelming. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be ditching the meat in no time at all!

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