Cosmetic Surgery on the Rise Across the World

More people are getting cosmetic surgery now than ever before. In 2018, nearly 18 million people decided to get a cosmetic procedure done. There’s also more surgery options available that can target a wide variety of concerns, such as a vampire facelift. With medical advancements today, there are few issues regarding a person’s physical appearance that can’t be fixed with even minor procedures.

Why cosmetic surgery is growing

Plastic Surgery

With the number of people undergoing cosmetic procedures growing each year, there must be some reason that’s drawing them to it. While getting cosmetic surgery is a very personal choice that a person makes, there are a few reasons that could be making it more popular.

One big factor that’s been drawing more people to cosmetic surgery is how accessible it’s become. While procedures still come at an expensive cost, they’re more affordable than they have been in the past. Some procedures can be as low as a few hundred dollars. It used to be that we only speculated over whether or not a celebrity had work done, but now any stranger you see on the street could have had cosmetic enhancements. Technologies that have made procedures easier and less invasive have helped to bring some costs down. Many plastic surgeons also offer payment plans to make treatments more affordable.

Many people speculate that part of the rise of cosmetic surgery is due to people’s exposure to social media. People have more opportunity to see themselves on camera, as opposed to a decade or two ago, which could be making them more critical of their appearance. We also constantly see people online who have seemingly perfect faces and bodies. Whether these are edited photos or the person has had cosmetic enhancements, it’s incredibly easy for us to create unrealistic expectations of how we should look.

Cosmetic surgery has also been destigmatized recently. In the past when people would receive cosmetic surgery, they dealt with rumors circulating around them. Cosmetic surgery used to get a bad rap as being for people who are vapid and only cared about their looks. Today, we’re much more understanding and accepting about people valuing their looks. Cosmetic surgeries in many cases can help people who have struggled with insecurities for much of their lives. Making improvements, even with the help of a surgery, is generally a good thing.

Preventative surgeries

We’re seeing more and more young people getting cosmetic surgery. Typically, the demographic for many cosmetic surgeries were people trying to reverse the signs of aging. While cosmetic surgeries can help wrinkles and loose skin that have already begun to appear, the best way to deal with these issues is to start treatment before they show themselves. Treating skin that’s already fairly smooth is much easier than treating deep wrinkles, which is almost impossible to fully correct. Cosmetic procedures at a younger age might also be able to prevent any serious signs of aging from forming. Some common preventative surgeries include Botox, dermabrasion, and mini facelifts.

Non-invasive procedures

Minimal and non-invasive cosmetic procedures have likely had a hand in the amount of people getting cosmetic surgery. Many people flock to non-invasive cosmetic procedures, like dermal fillers and laser treatments as they become more popular. The recovery time a person would need to have a cosmetic in the surgery could have been a deterrent for many. You would need a few weeks off from work, someone to watch the kids, someone to help take care of you. Advancements in medical technology have made non-invasive procedures a much more attractive option. Many procedures take only a few hours and the patient can carry on with their normal routine almost immediately.

Body contouring

A consistent trend for years in cosmetic surgery has been body contouring procedures. Body contouring is the perfect option for those looking to target small amounts of fat in specific areas. This allows people who are already at their ideal weight to make changes to achieve their ideal aesthetic. Body contouring is the most effective option for people looking to give their body a different shape. Liposuction has been around for decades and will likely continue to have a strong following. There are also non-surgical options for body contouring, such as fat freezing and lasers.

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