Discover the three paradise-like islands in Greece

Mykonos, Paros, Syros

A holiday in the Cycladic part of the Aegean is an intricate mosaic of sceneries that take your breath away, dressed with the finest wine and a slight Grecian breeze.  Island options in the Aegean are never-ending and all worth a visit. A small inclusive taste for an unforgettable time, however, should include the Queen, the princess, and the duchess of the Aegean, Mykonos, Paros, and Syros.

Let’s take a closer look at the Aegean royalty.


Mykonos windmills
Image by Andrea Spallanzani from Pixabay

A Mykonos Holiday is like a dream of luxury coming to life right before your eyes. From the first step on the white stone of Mykonos Town, “Little Venice,” the windmills standing tall beside you leave in awe with the beauty and grace they ooze.

With a lifestyle and refined ambiance, accommodation options are no different from Mykonos Villas, which constitute pieces of paradise on earth. Beachside villas in Mykonos with breathtaking views or Villas with pools in private locations are available on the island, where luxury is the way of life.

A surreal scenery with small narrow pathways in Mykonos Chora hides the secrets of the world-known Mykonos nightlife that awaits discovery. From small intimate bars to enjoy a mojito while gazing into the endless Aegean blue and a golden sunset to wild parties until the sunrise in Jackie O’ Mykonos or Super Paradise beach Mykonos, everything and anything is at your feet.

Mykonos has a unique cosmopolitan flair and is a jet-set magnet. A swimming day in Psarou Beach Mykonos and a meal in Namos will find you dancing hand in hand with your favorite movie star on the golden sand. Enjoy a view of the crystal waters while relaxing in the prestigious Scorpios Mykonos with an elite companionship.

The island has some of the most beautiful natural sceneries of the Aegean, and the lavish touch of Poseidon is evident in every beach. Mykonos beachside restaurants in Ornos or Paraga beach Mykonos are magical places where taste and view revitalize your senses.

Relax, take in the marvels that are the Queen of the Aegean, dance, party, and … repeat!


Paros, Greece
Image by AXP Photography from Pixabay

After the intense Mykonian scene finds some time to unwind in Paros. The island with endless choices for swimming, adventures, and parting, all found blossoming under the Greek Sun and Aegean blues surrounding them.

White houses with blue windows in Naousa and Paroikia mesmerize visitors looking to find the picturesque Aegean sceneries as displayed in magazine center-folds.

A more adventurous side of the Aegean is evident in Paros. This big island of the Cyclades offers multiple hiking and motor trail paths to enjoy the wild side of a Mediterranean holiday. Watersport options are available on almost every beach in Paros. Try jet skiing in Kolibithres beach Paros before heading to scuba diving lessons in Aliki or Golden Beach Paros to explore the wonders of the crystal turquoise waters of the Aegean.

Of course, the luxury touch of the Aegean could not be missing from its princess, so enjoy a cosmopolitan with the jet setters in Santa Maria Beach Paros and then a natural spa in Kalogeros beach Paros with its exfoliant acrylic sand. For a more intense all-day party scene, take a trip to Punda beach Paros where the party never ends.

Paros nightlife is no short of an adventure, either. Start your night with a few shots in cozy bars with easy tunes to get you ready for a night to remember in Akanthus Club Paros, followed by Barbarosa Club and a nightcap stroll in the white paved “sokakia” to grasp the essence of the Cyclades.

Living in Naousa or Paroikia, accommodation options include traditional Cycladic homes just a few minutes away from the most visited places on the island, like the celebrated Ekantodapiliani Church, a cultural gem and an architectural wonder. Alternatively, luxury villas in paros, a more private region, are available for those looking to lay poolside and experience that “il dolce far niente” with a breathtaking Aegean view.


Syros, Greece
Image by spiros golfinopoulos from Pixabay

Another unique destination of the Aegean map is Syros. The capital of the Cyclades is home to an artistic ambiance with a Venetian flair, unlike the rest of the Cycladic islands.

The Duchess of the Aegean amazes visitors with its grace, peace, and serenity transmitted by the welcoming locals and the atmosphere they create on the island. Ermoupoli, the Chora of Syros, is dominated by the emblematic City Hall Megaoron and the central square leading to the port of the island. From the port’s angle, the complete view of the town center takes visitors back in time and unveils the connection of structure and practicality in how the town was built as a capital.

Syros is also home to over 18 different art and film festivals during the summer and spring. The Siren of the Aegean magnetizes with its beauty. Also, with its food and the authentic local sweets «lukumia » that is only found in Syros. Have a taste of traditional Greek cuisine in Kuzina Syros. Or enjoy a meal in Aventura before immortalizing the hidden streets and Venetian-style aristocratic homes in Ermoupolis.
Take the time to unwind and visit Ano Syros, where time has stopped in a different, simpler time with wine, food, and friends as sole necessities.

Of course, as in every island of the Aegean, heavenly beaches are a given. Visit Galissas for a peaceful time on the beach or try Agathopes beach Syros to enjoy the more cosmopolitan life on this elegant island.

While in Syros, the cultural gems are not to be neglected. The Pancycladic Museum offers a tour of the island’s art and heritage to visitors looking to explore Greek history. The island also hosts two major Art Galleries for travelers keen on being drawn into the fantasy of a Cycladic dream.

Finally, Syros constitutes a key location in the Aegean with plenty of accommodation options, from camping to lavish Cycladic Luxury Villas. It is an excellent home- base for island hopping to Mykonos, Paros, and Naxos, which are just a couple of hours’ trip on the Aegean blue open sea.

Featured Image by freephotosov from Pixabay