Easy steps to great hair

For some people, great-looking hair comes naturally, but for the rest of us, it requires a little work. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to know what to do for the best when it comes to looking after your hair. Different sources will give you conflicting information, and it can become extremely confusing if you’re determined to follow all of the latest fads. How often should you wash your hair? Should you wash it at all? What are the best products to use? Follow easy steps to great hair.

Thankfully, although trends will come and go, the basics of looking after your hair stay pretty much the same. The differences will largely depend on your hair type, lifestyle, and where you live. Nevertheless, following these easy steps should set you on the path towards great hair in no time at all.

Watch what you eat

Diet has a huge effect on the quality of your hair. Eating healthily will add luster, bounce, and shine, while a poor diet can leave your hair looking lank and lifeless. For great hair, go for foods that are rich in fatty acids, especially omega-3 (fish is the best source of this), iron, protein, and zinc. Flaky hair and dandruff can also result from a lack of vitamins. Your hair relies on proteins, minerals, and amino acids in order to grow and stay healthy, and brittle, dry, or greasy hair is often the first sign that you’re not eating the right things.

Watch your diet
Image by DanaTentis on Pixabay

Quality products

Use good quality shampoo and conditioners in order to protect your hair. Over-washing with low-quality products can deplete your hair’s natural oils, but with better-quality hair products, the dangers of over-washing decrease. If your hair has suffered, use a hair revival system such as the one offered by Viabrance to help bring it back to life. Viabrance tweets regularly with hair advice, so you can keep up to date with the latest science and handy tips.

Know when to wash

Clean hair is healthy hair, but knowing how often to wash it can be tricky. Listen to what your hair is telling you and also pay attention to your hair type and what it needs. There’s no one rule that applies to everyone. For instance, if you live in a big city where there’s a lot of pollution, you’ll generally need to wash your hair more often than if you live out in the country where the air is cleaner. If you live in a dry climate, you’ll need to wash your hair less often than if you live in a wet or humid region.

Know how to wash

With shampoo, concentrate on kneading it gently into your scalp rather than onto the hair itself. Always use a conditioner and make sure that you apply this thoroughly on every strand. It’s also advisable to use a comb-through moisturizing product after you wash. Use warm but not overly hot water, and when you find the products that work for you, stick to them.

Stay cool

Avoid heat styling tools as much as possible. Sometimes they may be necessary in order to achieve the look that you want but use them as sparingly as possible. Heated curlers, rollers, crimpers and straighteners will damage and dry out your hair over time. Even blow-drying can be damaging. If you must use some form of heat treatment, then steam rollers are the least harmful. Because the steam passes through the foam on the roller first, they don’t get too hot and are relatively gentle on your hair. A heat protectant spray will also help to defend your hair against the worst impact of heated tools.

Have regular haircuts

Getting your hair cut isn’t just about keeping it neat and achieving the look you want. It’s also about making sure that it stays healthy. Even if you’re trying to grow your hair, it’s advisable to have a haircut every six to eight weeks in order to tidy up split ends and keep it in trim. Choose a hairdresser that is sympathetic to your hair type and knows how to look after it.

Taking care of your hair will help you both look great and feel great. If your hair is in bad shape, then it could be a sign of underlying health problems, and bad hair can be an early warning that you may need to change your lifestyle. Good hair, however, will make you feel more confident and alive and is an important part of all-around health. Look after your hair and your hair will look after you when you follow these easy steps to great hair.

Featured Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay