How to Avoid Blisters When Wearing Heels

Most ladies love high heels shoes as they are fashionable, enhance looks, and boost confidence. However, sometimes they can be a menace, especially when you keep getting blisters every time you put on a pair. If you want to ensure you are comfortable and avoid blisters. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Choose The Right Size

The key to ensuring that you are comfortable the whole day is by wearing the right suit. Note that sizing can vary in different brands. Before buying a pair, check the chart size to be sure. Otherwise, try the shoe at the store and see how it feels. Wear both shoes and walk around, checking for comfort. As witnessed by AMI Clubwear, most people pick shoes even when they are small in the hopes that the show will expand. Unfortunately, some end up picking a size too small, and that only ends up giving them blisters.

Use Plasters

Another way to avoid blisters is by protecting your feet with plaster. They are tiny, meaning they will not lead to any discomfort, but they will protect you from sores. Cover it with a plaster if you know a particular area is likely to get a blister, whether it is your small toe or the back of the foot. It will prevent the heels from giving you blisters

Using a Shoe Stretcher

You can also get a shoe stretcher and use it to adjust your shoe’s dimensions. Most of the time, blisters are brought about by tight-fitting shoes. Stretch your shoe to the desired measurements and leave it overnight. When you wake up in the morning, your show will have expanded. If you do not own a shoe stretcher, when buying a shoe, ask them to stretch it for you.

These are the major tips you can use to get rid of blisters. However, remember that the best way to avoid this problem is to wear shoes that fit you.

Featured Image by Uwe Kern from Pixabay