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Do you love the outdoors? Do you fancy touring a city in a punt (a flat-bottom boat) as you take in the spectacular sights around you?

If you have longed to get out and interact with nature, there is no better time than now.  

Traveling is a great way to unwind, meet new people, enjoy the local cuisine, and learn new things.

If you enjoy traveling, Cambridge should definitely be one of the destinations on your bucket list. Visit the beautiful city of Cambridge and see what it has to offer.

Cambridge is a lovely city with a rich history and breathtaking buildings everywhere you look. Cambridge is home to the prestigious Cambridge University, whose 31 colleges are dispersed around the area’s center and beyond. This makes Cambridge the perfect location for a day trip or weekend getaway, in addition to a thriving food and drink culture and elegant history.

Punting is the best way to comfortably and stylishly tour the riverside on a flat-bottom boat with a chauffeured guide. This activity in Cambridge allows you to experience several of the town’s finest stunning buildings while you sit, chill, and take it all in.

What services does Let’s Go Punting offer?

Let’s Go Punting specializes in Personalized and Group Chauffeured Riverfront Tours of Cambridge. The college is between Magdalene College and Silver Street Bridge, which are included in our 50-minute tours. Visitors will cross seven Cambridge University Colleges and nine bridges during the excursion. The tour includes custom punting experiences in Cambridge along the renowned “college backs.” You may cruise around “the backs” of Cambridge University’s riverfront colleges in the center of Cambridge in one of our chauffeured punting experiences.

You can indulge yourselves in the serenity and peace of the renowned “college backs” as your chauffeur masterfully drives you through several of Cambridge’s most historical landmarks and breathtaking vistas while wowing you with stories of, among other things, kings and queens, notable graduates, and scientific breakthroughs.

Why should you choose Let’s Go Punting?

Of the many organizations offering putting services, Let’s Go Punting is a good choice for many reasons. Let’s Go Punting is a good choice because of the following reasons.

  • Best-Rated Tour on Google and Trip Advisor. Accreditation by Visit England.
  • No waiting in line; message notifications five minutes before departure; preset departures.
  • Save money by making a reservation and avoiding day-of pricing. Heavy discounts are applied to early and late trips.
  • Comfortable sitting choices are available, as well as personal and group excursions.
  • There are no reservation charges; you only pay what you see.
  • Latest Access: When making a reservation, choose your departure time. As soon as 30 minutes in advance, openings are vacant.
  • You can obtain a free city tour with coupons from your confirmation.
  • The Audio Tour app is free in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

When booking a slot, Let’s Go Punting provides options for you. Customers get to choose from the different packages. 

Punting Tours for Groups

We’ve revamped our shared punting excursions. Reserve one for up to 6 persons, a sector with up to 9, or a row of seating for 2 or 3 persons.

Personalized Punting Experiences

Reserve a spot on any of our venerable personal punting excursions around Cambridge. Up to 2, 6, or 12 people can take a tour that lasts for about 50 minutes.

Exclusive excursions with picnic

Your exclusive punting excursion can now include another of our delicious Grazing box picnics. There are three delicious picnics available for your selection; Brunch, afternoon tea, or deli-style.

When asked, “What to do with your free time in Cambridge,” punting comes in first place as a prominent tourist attraction in the city. Because of this, hundreds of thousands of tourists take chauffeured punt tours to see the beauty of the River Cam annually. We can provide individual and communal punting excursions to Cambridge and its riverside campuses here at Let’s Go Punting. Your tour will include a specially qualified chauffeur who will easily navigate you down the Cam while entertainingly narrating tales, anecdotes, and historical information about Cambridge University, particularly the Colleges, structures, and bridges you cross while on the excursion.

Punting Tours in Cambridge

Punting tours
Image by Jamie Sugg from Pixabay

Punting in Cambridge is a great enjoyable activity for a memorable family outing. It is the prime spot for festivities, including birthday and hen parties, special occasions, work functions, and school reservations. Let’s Go Punting takes great satisfaction in offering teams of all kinds and ages top-notch traditional punting trips along the college backs. Our punting tours can be customized to meet your needs. For more details, please visit our page on group reservations or get in touch with us.

Let’s Go Punting isn’t the sole Cambridge punting agency, but as a local operating entity, we promise to serve each of our clients with a reasonable and welcoming service. Therefore, we deliver a sincere and unique experience and fantastic rates whenever you schedule a Cambridge punting tour online. Additionally, we will go above and beyond to assist you in planning your memorable event using dependable neighborhood vendors and our in-depth understanding of Cambridge. 

Why should you go punting in Cambridge?

Punting is the best activity in Cambridge! However, we can assist when you’re seeking more activities for your trip. We provide guided tours and scavenger hunts, which are great add-on activities to accompany your chauffeured punting trip in Cambridge. Additionally, we provide details on the major attractions you will see while on your punting tour of Cambridge.

Stride Cambridge, one of the tour companies we partner with, offers monitored city center guided tours showcasing the town’s and university’s highlights. The average trip lasts 90 minutes, and group tours leave every day. Personalized tours, which are customized to meet your needs, can also be arranged. We have also collaborated with Stride Cambridge to offer shared and private walking tours. 

For groups of ten or more, our scavenger expeditions are a great way to discover the city center. Use our Cambridge Scavenger Hunt as a starting point for your city exploration. Punting is an excellent opportunity to explore Cambridge’s seven riverfront colleges and their unique histories.

Throughout your excursion, you will encounter the magnificent Kings College Chapel, which also serves as a classic facade to a prestigious educational university in the world, and the Wren Library, which houses irreplaceable literary works like Winnie the Pooh and Shakespeare’s works as well as the Principia Mathematical. 

Your chauffeured punt will sail beneath eight bridges as you punt around Cambridge, including the breathtaking Bridge of Sighs and the well-known Mathematical Bridge. Our tours go from Magdalene College to the Mathematical Bridge along the entire stretch of the River Cam. We provide personal and group tours that leave from the Magdalene College side of the river.

Featured Image by Joshua Miranda from Pixabay