Taking Care of Your Wig

Today, wigs are more popular than ever. Some people have multiple wigs to match their special day. Fashion-loving women are always well versed in wig maintenance. It is essential that people know how to take care of their wigs.

Different hair types need different types of maintenance. You can choose from wigs made out of synthetic hair or human hair. No matter you have bob wigs or part lace wigs, maintenance will increase their life span. Proper maintenance will ensure that your wig stays in great condition. It is best for women to have various wigs that can be used while still allowing enough time to clean and dry them. My own experience has shown me that there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do when taking care of your wig.

Inspect the Wig

You should inspect the wig before you buy it in a shop. This will help you to determine how the wig will fit you. Make sure you get the wig that you like. It will be a hassle if you try to straighten curly hair or curl straight hair. If you love both styles, you can buy both.

Washing the Wig

Wash the wig at least once per week if you wear it often. You can wash it less often if you don’t wear it very often. You should not wear the same wig every day as it can make your hair difficult to manage. You can use a wide-tooth brush to detangle a wig before you wash it. You can then rinse the wig in cold water twice more or until it is completely rinsed. Then dry it with a towel. Do not soak your human hair wigs in a basin. This will cause them to mat together and tangle.

Keep the wig on a stand when you are not using it. A wig stand can be purchased online or offline for a very affordable price. Don’t over-brush the wig. This will cause the hair to fall out in many cases. It is recommended to wear your hair every other day, depending on how frequently you do it.

Finger Combing

Finger combing is a better option for curly wigs. For example, if you have got a curly hd lace wig, it can ruin it. For a full look, separate curls with your fingers after the hair has dried. With synthetic curly hair wigs, you should be gentler. For human hair wigs, you can do a bit more.

Synthetic Wig

To care for a synthetic wig, it should not be worn while you are sleeping or exercising. If you sleep in a synthetic wig, it will be easily tangled. Exercising in a synthetic hair wig will only make it sweatier and dirtier.

Because synthetic hair wigs are plastic, you should not heat them. However, for those made from human hair, you can curl them, but this is not a good idea.


When taking care of your wig, these are the most important things you should pay attention to if your wig is to last longer.

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