Tips To Create An Outstanding Video From Still Photos

In this article, I explain the best way of organized photo from a festival, vacation, tour, wedding ceremony, parties, and other significant events. The best way is to create a video from still photos. In this method, You can also explain about the picture through text in videos slides. After making the videos slides you are sending a single file to a friend for share the picture and related information in the form of a video slide. You are using one are two software to make your videos awesome.  You can add text for explaining the moment add songs or music to explaining the feeling and you can also add comments to explaining your excitement. After the below following steps, you can easily create outstanding videos from still photos.

Choosing Best software

When you want to decide to make an outstanding video from still photos then your first need is available are install a software in your PC or Laptop. That has a feature of making or creating a video of using the collection of pictures. In this type of features, many software is available in the Internet world. In which some are paid, and some are free mostly companies or software developer offer a trial version is free. In the trial version, some features, or basic features are available for free use. Another effective feature that helps to create an outstanding video from still photos is paid and necessary to up to date version is used. According to my point of view, Icecream SlideShow Maker is one of the best software and it is also available in the free version.


After Installing the software when you start to make a video at the beginning of the video ad the catchy title related to videos. Like Happy Marriage, Jon birthday, etc. When you write any kind of title then choose the best attractive type of effective relates to your title. Choose the best effects that make your videos more attractive. After the video title, you also add the participant’s name that makes your videos more effective.

Add Photos

clicking photo
Image credits: Photo by Thorn Yang from Pexels

Now the time is adding the photos that are used to making outstanding videos from still photos. Always remember one thing the brightness of your pictures has great matter. In this type of videos, your main content is your picture be sure when you are taking pictures you have good resolution mobile phone. Many of the mobile phones give the facility of basic editing of your photos in your phone. If you are iPhone user are not know how to make picture effective for making outstanding videos then you need picture to video maker it makes your videos awesome. Because you have learned and use large features in your videos.  Always choose effective and shiny photos that are showing and looking so good never choose blur photos. Because blur photos great effect on your videos.

Add Transition effects

Transition effects are very important to making or creating outstanding videos from still photos. Because the transition is providing such a feeling or environment look like videos. In transition effect when we add between the image is running in slide such a beautiful and amazing. Many kinds of transition effects are available in every software. If you want to change the transition in every picture. It’s also available this kind of facility. If you add only one transition between all image it depends on your choice. If you add a different transition for different pictures it makes your video awesome.

Add some sound

Add soundtrack like music or songs in your videos make your video outstanding from still photos. Because according to my point of view sound is song adding in your videos has two effects on your videos. The first effect is decreasing the level of boring. The second effect is increasing the excitement level. When you show the photos through the using the still photos video mean feel very low level off boring. You will gain great knowledge of how to edit iPhone photos and other mobile photos. I think right edited photos make your video such an outstanding.

Export Videos

After doing the all following step and adding the thanks texts or showing or entering the services your creating outstanding videos from still photos is complete. But here is the main problem is remaining. The main problem is related to video quality. According to my point off the view if you want to such creating outstanding videos from still photos. Then you are export videos always in HD or SD quality. Don’t worry this feature is also available in all pictures to video making software. In some software, the option is export videos and some software option save and share videos.  Both have the same features don’t worry about change name.

In export video option or save and share video option all kind of video quality export option available. The famous videos export option is SD, HD, HD720p, MPEG-4, MP4 and many other kinds of option are also available here. I am most time used HD720p.  It is totally depending on your choice. After complete rendering now, your outstanding video is ready.

Cover Image credits: Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

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