The “Mompreneur”: Top 5 Reasons Why Hiring a Nanny Will Change Your Life

The idea of being a work-from-home mom sounds like the life-saver of establishing a healthy work-life balance. You’re able to get work done, you’re contributing to your family’s income, AND you’re able to be with your little human being while doing it all! It sounds like a dream come true, right? Yes, it does sound like a dream job but a lot of times, we tend to misconstrue our conceptions for reality and when the reality hits, it can feel like you’ve been hit with a ton of bricks.

In theory, working from home as a stay-at-home mom seems great but all too often, these moms quickly find themselves extremely overwhelmed. They’re trying to grow their business and care for their little one, and even though they’re at home all day, it’s still not as easy as you’d think. Having your own office does help but you’re either going to worry about not being able to see your baby in clear view or you’re going to have feelings of guilt for wanting work after having the baby. In order to work from home and actually get some work accomplished, you’re going to need to look into hiring a nanny.

Raising a child and trying to provide for your family is hard, especially as a “mompreneur.” It’s perfectly okay to need help around your home… nobody said you had to go it alone. Psychology Today states that women have juggled many titles since the beginning of time and one of the best ways to alleviate the feeling of being overwhelmed is to put YOU at the top of your priorities list.

Maybe your version of putting yourself at the top of your priorities list is going to the gym or having a spa day… If you had a nanny, you’d be able to do that with ease. Take a look at how hiring a nanny will change your life not only as a mother but also as a “mompreneur.”

1. Distraction-Free Work Zone

work at home
Image by StockSnap on Pixabay

From the moment your child was born, it’s very clear that kids are very demanding of attention and their toddler years are when they demand the most attention. This demand for constant attention can turn into a major problem when you’re pressed for time to meet a certain deadline or need to take a very important call.

If you have your nanny around, even if it’s for just a few hours of the day, you’ll be able to devote your time and attention to your work, allowing you to get things done. You’ll feel assured in knowing your child is in good hands.

2. Establishing Trust With the Nanny

As a work-from-home mom, you have an opportunity to establish a working relationship and build a level of trust with your nanny. When most parents hire nannies, they typically see their nanny before they head to work and when they return home from work. That doesn’t leave too much time to establish any type of trust with your child’s caregiver. Working from home allows you to have more frequent interactions with your nanny giving way to not only build trust but also a working and personal relationship.

3. Easily Keep an Eye On Your Child’s Quality of Care

One of the main reasons why parents are hesitant on hiring a nanny is because you’re essentially letting a stranger into your home to take care of your child. The thought of letting someone you don’t know to take care of your child can be terrifying but the fact that the nanny will be in your home, you’re able to keep an eye not only on your child but also on the quality of care your child is receiving.

4. Free Time for Errands and Date Night

Having a child is a full-time job all in itself and sometimes it doesn’t leave you much time to spend with your spouse or to run errands without moving mountains to get you and your child dressed. A nanny will allow you to step out for a few hours to run the errands you need and it will allow you some very much needed quality alone time with your spouse.

Let’s not forget how a nanny will help your relationship as well. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your responsibilities as a mom and neglect your partner… your nanny will allow you to keep the flame burning with your partner.

5. More Affordable

The most attractive aspect of hiring a nanny is that it’s more affordable. Sometimes you don’t need a nanny all throughout the day so why should you have to pay for it when you don’t need it. Daycares can get extremely expensive and can be very unnecessary if you work from home, so hiring a nanny for a few days out of the week for a few hours out of the day is the best way to afford childcare when you need it the most.