What Festivals Do They Wear Hanbok For?

There are a couple of occasions when people love to wear traditional and cultural Korean dress, Hanbok. To know more about these festivals and auspicious events in your life where you can give your personality a South Korean sprinkle and catch everyone’s attention with one look, continue to read this blog and be amazed by the information.

Hanbok for a birthday celebration in the house

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Whether it is a child or an elder, each of their birthday celebrations can generate remarkable memories when you are wearing premium quality Hanbok attire from the most favorite Korean Hanbok store

Often, birthdays in South Korea are one of the most favorite and auspicious events. People celebrate it with traditional Korean soup and dressing up with traditional clothes to visit the old and historic temples for a blessing.

Thus, birthdays are always a great excuse to wear your favorite Korean Hanbok dresses, hanging inside the closet otherwise without purpose.

For marriages in your family or friend circle

Korean marriage
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After birthdays, weddings are also celebrated with equal enthusiasm by South Koreans. Thus, if you want to create a strong and subtle impression in front of elders, you would be meeting after months or years, then you can wear that full or semi-traditional Hanbok. 

This way, the elders belonging to the Korean roots will start respecting you more. They realize that you, too, value the original Korean culture even if you are living in another country.

Most modern people wear Hanbok from a Korean Hanbok store online to pay respect to their elders, family members, and close friends from the South Korean region or those who value their real Korean culture even today.

If you are a Korean bride, then wearing an eye-catching and rosy Korean Hanbok becomes quite mandatory for you. So, by wearing such an outfit from the premium store online can make your wedding the best day of your life.

Besides that, you would easily catch the attention of those who are not from Korea but are still too eager to know about rituals and Korean marriages.

Holding or attending anniversary parties

There are a couple of Hanbok suits or dresses sold in the market. These attires work best for that couple who wants to celebrate their marriage anniversary in front of South Korean people or those who are always fond of those dresses, tradition, and culture.

While celebrating the anniversary, wearing traditional or semi-formal Hanbok is a way of giving tribute from the heart, mind, and body to the Korean culture. 

Though, you must trust only a premium Korean Hanbok store near you if you want to buy the couple outfits for the upcoming anniversary.

These couple Hanbok can also be matching. Thus, there will be no chaos in the color combination of the clothes a couple is supposed to wear in the upcoming evening or late-night party to celebrate true love and the continuously increasing number of marriage years together.

Attending a family member’s funeral with utter condolences

A Hanbok is not only related to auspicious events. It is also often worn at funerals by kids and elderly citizens of the family.

The Hanbok worn at any funeral is mostly colorless or matched with a black cloth, be it top or the overskirt or trousers, depending upon the gender wearing it.

During this time, the entire Hanbok becomes a symbol of the family connected to the person who passes away. This also symbolizes how deeply and gravely the family is suffering and paying their condolences in silence for the family member they have lost. 

For promotion ceremonies or official business parties

Special occassion
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Many patterns sold at premium stores are often for those who want to either host or attend a business or promotion ceremony parties. This is again a way to congratulate the other person belonging to the same ethnicity, in this case, South Korean.

If the person is getting a promotion or a giant business deal is hosting a party, the way he or she wears regular Hanbok suits changes. The quality changes drastically, which is necessary to symbolize the change or the improvement in the financial status of the person hosting the party.

Thus, it is common for people to buy premium outfits from a Korean Hanbok store when they are either invited to or are hosting such parties.

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