Why Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. While this expression has existed for some time, it gained immortality when it was featured in the Marilyn Monroe film Gentleman Prefer Blondes. These stones have been prized since ancient times and they have certainly not lost their luster in the 21st century. Why is a diamond prized above all other stones? What are some of the reasons why they are capable of sweeping a woman off of her feet? Let us take a look at the answers to these questions to fully appreciate the magic of these alluring gems. 

A Symbol of Everlasting Love

Of course, the most obvious appeal of any stone is the simple fact that it has symbolized two individuals’ immortal bonds for centuries. This goes far beyond simple allure or the number of facets. It instead involves the very intrinsic portion of human nature, which believes that some things will last forever. So, what better choice than a diamond when professing one’s love?

Diamond ring
Photo by zelle duda on Unsplash

Timeless Elegance

Speaking of immortal, did you know that the average diamond is nearly as old as the earth itself? Although these stones are made up of simple carbon atoms, this matters little when considering their brilliance. A woman is well aware that she is being given a stone that has already outlasted countless centuries and will survive for countless more. On a side note, a growing number of females are choosing to keep their engagement rings if a wedding is called off. It makes a great deal of sense to repurpose these gems, and therefore, their beauty will never truly fade. 

All That Glitters is Not Necessarily Gold

Diamond bracelet
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Speaking of a repurposed diamond, these stones represent one of the most stunning ways to accentuate any piece of jewelry. Thus, it only stands to reason that women are captured by their allure regardless of where they may be found. From pendants and necklaces to brooches and earrings, the versatility of a diamond cannot be overstated. 

The Ability to Work with Other Gemstones

While most women associate a diamond with a white or colorless stone, they are available in numerous alluring hues. Still, their colors are decidedly neutral when compared to other gems such as rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. This is why they are often used in synergy with such stones to create a truly amazing kaleidoscope of beauty. Whether a large diamond is employed as a centerpiece or smaller ones are placed around the periphery, there is little doubt that the overall appearance will enamor the wearer. 

We can now begin to understand why diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend (besides her partner, naturally). Thanks to the Internet and the presence of trustworthy gemstone dealers, it is now possible to own one of these amazing stones in no time at all. When it comes to beauty, elegance, and immortality, a diamond will truly last forever. 

Featured Photo by Iamngakan eka from Pexels